Saturday, September 8, 2012

I´m not going to lie. This is tough! The MTC is very structured(which isn´t a bad thing). The structure makes things a tad bit easier but there is so much going on. Its overwhelming but not in a bad way.  how much we have to do here. Yet i Love it. the spirit here is stronger than any where i´ve ever been before. that alone makes it wonderful. my companion, Elder Souza, is from california but he lived in a tiny town(so small, i forgot its name...) He is a great example to me. He speaks Spanish well, better than i do. I was surprised when, on the second day we had the opportunity to teach an investigator. in spanish. we tried to teach him to pray. which seemed silly since i still don´t really know how to pray in spanish. but it was a good experience. i think. its incredibly humbling to be here. i have come to know that i need to rely so much more on the savior and the Spirit, especially when my companion and i teach. its hard, but i´m glad that it is. i feel like the level of difficulty has caused me to have to grow in leaps and bounds over the past few days. i can´t wait to see what will happen after a month or two =) my p days in the future will be on fridays so if you want me to write you back in a hurry, send letters before then. I love and miss you all!
Con mi amor,
Elder Williams
Ps Congratulate Mitchell and Josh for me! That is awesome for them!

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