Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I may be crazy...

...but missionary and crazy are the same word =)

Sometimes it seems statues listen a lot better than most people.......


We passed by this stadium and my companion asked if they would let us in.... to our surprise they actually did....

So this eagle supposedly marks the center of all huh?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh yeah big news!

Sad News. Gerardo was not baptized.
Its kinda a weird story. His Uncle Trino brought him to church and Elder Dominguez and I were all excited for Gerardo´s baptism. The First thing Trino said to me is "we have a problem"(he actually said that in English which alarmed me because he almost never speaks to me in one does....except someone i will tell you about later.) He then proceeded to tell me that Gerardo didn´t want to be baptized, that he wanted to come to church that day but only if we didn´t baptize him. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
I was way confused. Gerardo has been ready for baptism since forever, you all already know that. It was a surprise.
We took him aside during sacrament meeting and asked him. He said he didn´t feel ready, or that something was holding him back form being baptized. We read mosiah 18 8-10 with him. Read it. Its pretty awesome. And he still didn´t feel ready.
He told us he had a dream in which he brought all his family to the church and they were reading the scriptures and were altogether. They are all members of the church but they almost never pray or read the scriptures. I feel like he needs their support now more than ever and he doesn´t have it. Pray for them to start doing the basics of the gospel(praying, reading the scriptures, FHE) because if not i don´t think Gerardo will be baptized. That was a bit of drama for this week. But don´t you worry I am all good, not discouraged in the least. It is sad and all but it is and important choice that Gerardo has to make for himself. We pray for him to be comforted.


What else happened this week? Oh yeah big news!
You know how the church is creating 58 new missions around the world out of those that already exist?
8 of those changes are in mexico.
And guess what?!
The Mexico León Mission will not exist as of the first of July.
It will be split into two separate missions. Mexico Aguas Calientes and Mexico Queretero.
I will be assigned to either of those missions in June.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!???????? I am super excited. Its sad that The mission i was called to will no longer exist and tal vez mis amigos van a estar en el otro misión. Pero lo bueno es que la obra del Señor está creciendo muchísisimo!!
I am still amazed at everything that is currently happening in the World.....

Wow....Just awesome...Its even cooler to see the way the Lord works
We´ve been trying to find out just how big our ward actually is by visiting families that never go to church. We have found out that some have died, some have moved and others just pretend not to be the person we are looking for. Its kinda gunny really. The best experiences are when we find someone from our efforts. Yesterday is an example of what the Lord does for us.

We were searching for a member of the church. She supposedly lived in a shady neighborhood and i´m pretty sure the majority of the people there were gangsters. But that´s not the important thing. We asked a couple people for the address of this lady and they sent us off in different directions. We sat down for a moment just to figure out where we were and all. Now this next part needs a little explanation. I have the uncanny ability to attract drunks from miles around. It seems like people who have been drinking(a ton) see me and immediately are drawn to the Tall Gringo with glasses. In this part of town it was only a matter of time until someone who wasn´t living the Word of Wisdom found me.

This man was convinced he could speak English. It sounded like "mamammmaammmmmmmaaefalkhpgfa´h Bro." All i understood was bro. He asked me to read Revelations 12 to him. It was weird. but hey why not. While we were preaching to este pobre boracho, another guy passed by. The first thing he said was " hey dude where you from?" SURPRISE! someone who actually speaks english!!!!!!!!!

Turns out this new arrival lived in the states 16 years. He lived in LA and then he and his family moved to Michigan. He got into Gangs there and got deported due to problems with the gang. He told us he realizes now that being part of a gang made him lose everything. more than anything, it separated him from his family. He decided to change his life. He got rid of his Tattoos that identify him as a gang member and has been trying to get papers legally so that he can go back to his family in Michigan. His story is incredible. What´s more incredible is the feeling i got while speaking to him. I had a dream a few months back about a Mexican Gangster who told me his gang was world wide but that he was trying to leave it and change his life. I don´t believe in coincidences. I know that the Lord put this man in our path for a reason. We pray that he will accept what we have to share with him tonight. I don´t even know his name but i know he needs what we have.

Aaron Williams is going to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! Cousins in Mexican missions....the best missionaries serve here! (sorry mom dad and any one else who didn´t serve here but its true! =) ) Keep me posted on Everything with Lindsay´s call and all. I am super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all! It would be great if you could pray that we can reach our baptism goal of 4 for this month, prayers help!=)

Elder Ben Williams

Monday, February 18, 2013

Photos of Transfer Day

This is the zone before the changes....cambios...transfers!!!!that´s the word=)

This is Elder Chan, another one of my favorite Elders. He was a DJ in Cancun before the mission....every missionary has a story....
ps i´m cutting my hair today...This is Elder Rivera. He left this morning for a different area. He is a Great Elder and I´m gonna miss him...
We said goodbye to Elder Palma due to his back problems. Kinda sad really. But he´s going to keep working in Leon=)

This week was a longish one....

But that`s life in the mission...

The reason this week has been so long is because i got sick on Friday. I`m a lot better now but it was terrible. Don`t worry about me.

Gerardo continues to get ready for his baptism. I know he will be an amazing addition to the church and to everyone around him. He came to church the other day with his uncle which really was a miracle. Traveling from Santa Maria is tough and the fact that they made it is an answer to many prayers. Thank you all for thinking of the people of mexico and especially these humble people in Santa Maria.

We had a discouraging visit with one of our investigator`s this week. We had invited him to be baptized and he told us he would pray about it. He told us in the visit we had this week that he really didn`t think he should change religions. He isn`t reading the Book of Mormon. Its the keystone of our religion. Everything in our religion is based on it. Without the Book of Mormon, we are just another church. If people can feel of the truth of the most perfect book on the earth, everything else follows. We pray that Andres will read the Book.

I invite you all to do the same. Read the title page of the Book of Mormon then apply what you read in the last two paragraphs. It will help you in every aspect of your life. I know it.

This week was our english...uhh...companionship splits? basically i had a different companion for a day. My companion went and stayed with our Zone leader who just left for the Mission offices due to problems with his back... It was pretty sad really. Anyway, I was with Elder Dahlberg for the day. Its really weird to be with someone who speaks English. We talked a lot, both in Spanish and English and i learned a ton. He only has one month more than i do in the mission but he seems like he`s been here forever. He is very relaxed but also super focused. not even sure how to explain him. He helped me see a lot about myself that i can change, that i can do better and learn to help the people here that much more.

I think i figured out that i say "in all reality" a lot. Not sure why. Something i picked up here.

Let me end with this, the mission is a chance to grow more than i can explain. It has helped me see the things that i can change in my life to be closer to the Savior and to live my life in a way that He wants me to. I am slowly becoming converted to the gospel i have learned about all of my life and it is a great experience. Its not anywhere close to being easy. In fact its by far the hardest thing I´ve ever done. I feel as though every moment is a test and that the Lord is waiting for me to come out from all these experiences a different, better person.

I know that serving a mission one of the decisions that will effect who you are for forever.

I love you tons,

Elder Ben Williams

Friday, February 15, 2013

By Way of Invitation...

Three weeks ago Ben wrote this in his letter home “You know we have a temple way close in Vegas. I think it would be a good idea for everyone who can to go at least once a month... just saying.”

This week, after none of the family members responded to that invitation he wrote this with a note at the bottom of it to please post it to the blog.
“I´m going to be direct.
We live exactly 15 minutes away from the temple.
The prophet has asked us to go with frequency. Nothing impedes us.
Do the work. Make sacrifices to save souls.
Our ancestors have been waiting for someone, anyone to do the work that will take them to the celestial kingdom.
The Lord needs each one of us to help him in his work.
Make the sacrifice of time and go to the temple at least once a month.
In all reality (not sure why everyone but that phrase in there letters to me this week but hey=) ) doing temple work is how we thank Two people for something they´ve given us
1. Christ for His Atonement. The work for the dead goes hand in hand with the atonement of our Lord and Savior
2. Our Ancestors for everything they did to make it so that we are blessed. By redeeming them we thank them for every moment of their lives that brought our family into the gospel.
Do it. There are no excuses.”


We had a crazy fun Pday!

My comp

This is our district.

Time Flies

Seriously time flies here, it's pretty insane. I can´t explain it but i feel like we use so much of our time helping others and boom, another week gone by.
Elder Dominguez talks about how weird it is that time moves so quickly here almost every night. Its pretty much crazy.

In all reality there were a ton of great experiences this week.
I will start at the top of the list.
We taught Andres the Restoration. I don´t no if i have told you anything about him. He´s a barber and used to be a hardcore alcoholic. Now he´s all good, but he used to be addicted hard core. It was one of the lessons i knew the Spirit was there. He started off by basically inviting himself to church. And from there it just got better. We invited him to be baptized and............ he said its a juge change which he needs to pray about. That is definitely a start. Unfourtunately, He didn´t come to church yesterday. but hey, he will come, I know it. We pray for him to know the truth of the gospel

Another fun fact about Mexico. I´ve been talking to a lot of people lately and they have all told me something they find weird about Americans....Güeros....
They think its weird that we leave the home to study in different states. The fact that we don´t live with our parents until we are married or have a house of our own is strange to them. They tell me that i need to stay at home and not leave the home until my mid twenties. they tell me its a bad thing a way from your family at so young an age and that its better to stay with the ma and pa, how about it? can i stay at home till I¨m thirty and still unmarried? just kidding =) Its one of the many cultural differences that i have discovered.

Question. Does anyone know why we build our houses with wood? that´s another thing that everyone asks me. They say its unstable and unsafe to build houses out of wood. In all reality i have no clue how to respond to a question like that. So if you could kindly explain to me why our houses are of wood i would (ha punny) be much obliged.

Weirdest experience of the week: Some guy basically contacted us.
We were walking to go visit some family that is almost never home the other day when some guy whistled at us as we were passing by. He and his buddy were drinking and smoking and usually i don´t turn to look when its late and we find people like that. in fact Elder Dominguez just kept walking. I guess I´m still a Gringo because i stopped and turned. He waved us over and the first thing he said was "Verdad que Dios está en todos lados?" He and his cousin (who is an Atheist) were obviously talking about such things just before we past by. It is truly incredible the way the Lord works. Yeah, Cristian (that´s his name) was put into our path and he decided to speak to us. he even said that he wants us to pass by Saturday night. We didn´t even have to say anything. He is ready. All we have to do is get him to live the Word of Wisdom. we pray for him to stop drinking, and smoking and to be prepared to receive our message. I´m sure he will be too.

Francisco is doing amazing. He found a job and he is going to be able to come to church every Sunday now. In all reality, his story is a miracle.

That´s really all from me this week. Just wanted to thank the people who sent me letters in the month of December and January. I just barely received all your notes and in they have helped me tremendously. I can´t imagine what its like to write someone who doesn´t write back so i am going to do all i can to write you all back this coming week. Thanks for everything.

I love you all more than you can imagine. I know everything is going fine even if crazy things are happening. Stay strong, Pray hard, read the scriptures every day and...just keep it up. Something i nearly forgot to mention is that i finished the book of Mormon this week. I prayed to if its true.

I have never been more sure of anything in my life. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God.

Read it. Pray about it. Live it.

Elder Ben Williams

Friday, February 8, 2013

In All Reality

So, this week? In all reality its been tough. I don`t know how to explain that better. Trying to find anyone to teach without knocking doors and contacting( i can`t remember if i told you that... we don`t knock doors or contact anymore in Mexico unless we feel prompted to do so) There are many places in the area that i am still not very familiar with. I feel like the blind leading the blind at times. But the Lord has always asked us to walk by faith.

Just wanted to talk about some of the experiences we had this week. Gerardo finally has a bautismal date! He is going to be baptized Sunday the 17 of this month =) He and his family are saving up so that they can all go together and in all reality its one of the things that has given me the desire to continue with the work. We also taught a family (The Family Caldera Ortiz. They live in Santa Maria.

I had a confirmation of the fact that the Lord answers prayers. Francisco is sober! He came to church yesterday in a tie and everything and I can`t explain how good that makes me feel. We pray that he can follow in his renewed conviction of the Gospel. In all reality, it`s a miracle that he is recovering from all the alcohol he has been drinking...the gospel offers peace and a fresh start.

There was another experience today that was, in all reality, a miracle. We were waiting for a bus to take us to where we had a lesson and i really didn`t know which would take us there. I was just thinking of a time when Elder Ortiz and I were late for a lesson and a member from another ward appeared out of nowhere and gave us a ride. In the moment i was thinking about that moment a car pulled over and asked us if we needed a ride...Coincidence? i think not! the lady is the daughter of a member of our ward and took us from where we were to our appointment... Blessings from the Lord.

We keep praying for the people of Santa Maria To find work and well, that we can have a branch in Villa Juarez which is way close to Santa Maria.
This week we will an activity as a district and we are praying it will turn out well and that we can find new people to teach from it.

So now i just want to give a quick background on my companion. Elder Dominguez is from a city in Vera Cruz. I`m not even going to attempt to spell the name of the city cause i can`t even say it... He has been a member all his life and has one brother one sister. He is a Soccer lover and its something he misses a ton. His parents have a sports store and own a few businesses that sell a type of pan called ojaldra or something like that. He says that veracruz is always really hot and that he lives near the beach. He left two girls waiting for him at home and has no idea what to do about it. The good thing is that really isn`t something he needs to worry about. He still has 23 months left in the mission =) And that is Elder Dominguez in a nutshell. You will surely hear more about him in The Very Near Future....(Not sure why that i in caps).

Now for my buddy Josher.
Loved the pictures of you Bud! You look big and grown up! Thank you so much for your prayers. They help me in everything that i do. I am glad to here that your class mate is all good and feels better. Keep on being the best ever example for everyone around you and know that I love you Tons!

Sadie Jade=)
Sadie you are wonderful. I`m glad to here that you have so many friends and that you are playing and growing and learning. Keep Smiling Babe! You are a shining example and I feel your prayers for me. Keep on reading the Book Of Mormon!

Sam Bam!
You are silly bro =) that picture made me laugh pretty hard=) i miss your humor. Weird bugs??...Yeah the only thing i can think of are the humongous ants! i have a picture that i will send you next week of a couple of them that were in our house. Other than that.... Nada.
A month without tv! that is an awesome goal and it will help you focus your time in what matters most. I Love you Bud =)

Hey Stephers =)
I`m glad to see/hear zone went well =) that is something i miss, student council. If i had the chance to go back in time i would have started in student council my freshman year. it helps a lot in every aspect of life. Make sure to keep me updated on Random Act of Kindness Week. Sounds like a blast! I miss a lot of stuff from home. I miss you tons. I Pray that everything is going way good =) Thanks for sending pics. I feel bad cause this week i didn`t take any pictures. I sorta forgot. I love seeing all y`all though. It makes me happy =) I pray all is well. Enjoy every moment of the last part of your senior year!

Mission Papers Done?!!
That`s what`s up! thanks for your words of encouragement and all your love. In all reality it helps a lot that you shared with me your experiences as a TA. Its tough to be a leader, to have people who depend on you and in all reality to hear your words of encouragement makes me happy that i have this opportunity. Someone told me once that they were grateful for their challenges because it helped them to grow. Its true! At times i fell like there is no way i can keep going and then all of the sudden something sparks my desire. Often times i feel like Its the prayers of all the family that keep me going. Thanks for being the best Big Sis ever.

Mom and Dad. Both of you said something that almost made me Cry.
"I Love You"
I`m pretty stressed out right now but when I read those words....I don`t know. It just made me calm. I am glad call you my Parents. Just want you to know that everything i do here is a reflection of your teaching. You`ve taught me so much and serving others and demonstrating to the World what Dave and Lorene Williams taught me is my way of showing my gratitude. No one else could have shaped my life as you two have. I love You both =)

no Pics today... but next week for sure!
Elder Ben Williams

Friday, February 1, 2013


I´m Training!!!


So the reason I didn´t write Monday is because well, we had....cambios...(in all reality I have no clue what it is in English...changes?) Any way, changes in the mission happen every six weeks but not every companionship gets changed every time changes come around. But cambios came this time to us. Elder Ortiz is now secretary of materials in the mission offices and he has a new companion. And I stay in Aguacalientes with a new companion, Elder Dominguez. He is new in the mission so I am training him. When they told us in the MTC that we would be preparing to train in 3 months I didn´t believe them. and now here I the life of a Missionary in Mexico!
In all reality I think I went into shock when they told me I would be training. I feel like I barely even know what its like to be a missionary and I have to teach someone else? I was doubtful and scared and, for the first time in all my mission, a little depressed. I didn´t think i could do it. In the Bus on my way to Leon i was almost in tears. I didn´t feel right until I realized that all i had to do was pray and read my patriarchal blessing. as I did that I had a feeling of peace, that everything would be ok if i pray to the Lord and trust in Him. I feel like this is a test of my faith. The Lord wants me to be more confident in Him and if this is how I need to do so, so be it....
Its tough having the responsibilities of a trainer and in all reality i didn´t realize before how hard it would be. More than anything though i can feel the support of the Lord. I feel comforted in the fact that i am not alone. I have the ward here and i have you all and your prayers. I love you tons for that.
So i got more letters this week! Even a thanksgiving card and christmas letters...yes they just got here.
Still nothing from Steph though how long ago do she send that?
We only have half a day of p day today and so i feel a tad rushed but hey its all good.
This week we need a lot of prayers.

That is all.

I love you tons and i´m so grateful for all your support and prays. You are the best!
Elder Ben Williams