Friday, September 21, 2012

This week was tough. It was good, but tough

Hey ma (and any one who reads the blog.)
This week was tough. It was good, but tough. Here's why.
Each week Elder Souza and I teach "investigators" (who are actually our Spanish teachers). It's basically role playing taken seriously . We got a "new investigator" this week and got to know her a little. Her name is Ana maria she is 45 has two kids and lives with her boyfriend Luis. She runs a a book shop and is catholic. Any way, we thought that since she was religious and owned a book shop that she must have read the Bible and that she new a lot about prophets and that kind of thing. Advice for future missionaries: never assume anything. Turns out, she didn't read much and didn't know anything about the prophets. Elder Souza and I had counted on her being well versed in the Bible and at least having a basic knowledge of its contents. We were so wrong. Basically, we were caught off guard and instead of relying on the Spirit, we panicked. after our discussion, the teacher pulled us aside and humbled us. She basically said that we need to speak more Spanish all the time, study better, and rely on the Spirit in our lessons. It was like a Spiritual punch to the face. Yet, I think we needed it. We are already improving on many aspects of our lives and I know we will be better because of this experience.That's the best part about the MTC. You can be completely uncertain as to what you are doing here one day and find renewed purpose the next.
 I wanna thank my Dad for his well timed words of wisdom. Every one of his letters has come at exactly the right moment to buoy me up and keep me going. Thanks Dad. 
To everyone else, WRITE ME! Dear Elder makes it easy and in 6 short weeks you won't be able to use it anymore. I promise to Write you back =) I'm glad i am here and i love you all.
With all my love,
Elder Benjamin David Williams

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