Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Changes!

Otra vez (changes again)..... at least time i`m not moving very far =) ok so i am officially part of the Qeretaro Mission. The mission split, the Leon mission has dissolved and become the Aguascalientes and Qeretaro missions.

I`m sure its going to be great here with our new president, Presidente Mejorada. I feel like i was meant to be in this mission. It isn`t something i can explain too well. Its just i feeling i`ve got. Its going to be great here with my new companion =) Elder Comboy is from Veracruz like Elder Dominguez. He is the oldest in his familia. He says he is 21 and i still don`t believe him even though he showed my his driver`s license and everything. He looks so young!. and it doesn`t help that this week people have been telling me i look like i`m 22 to 24 years old. Any way, we are still here in San Miguel. We will just be in the new house that we found the other day. Elder Olivares and Elder Medina will be in the old house in the other Ward. Cool right. Finally we can focus in on one group of people at a time! i`m excited =)

We said goodbye to Presidente Del Valle this week. That man is constantly guided by the Spirit. I will miss him and all but I know that it is for a good cause. He has told me so much that has helped me. Not just in the mission but many counsels that i will be able to apply after my life here ends and a new one at home begins.

Did you get to see the broadcast for the new mission presidents and ward councils? it was great! I learned a ton and more than anything i learned that missionaries and wards have to work together in the work of salvation. The Lord has told us repeatedly that the most important work we can do here is MISSIONARY WORK. That applies to each and every member of this church. In the church website you can look up hastening the Lord`s work(or something like was in spanish and i don`t translate too well.) a ver.... it will give you ideas in what you can do to take part in the most important thing you will ever do. i invite each and everyone of you to think of a friend, family member neighbor whomever and invite them to an activity,. to church, to listen to the missionaries. and don`t wait. I expect to hear from you all this coming week. I expect to hear about what you did to share the gospel. Pray for the courage to do so. Don`t worry about what people might think. really the worst thing they will do is Say no. How bad can that be?

We have an investigator named Mauro. The lesson we had with him was especially spiritual. I know he is chosen to receive this message. We pray for his family to accept what he believes.

I love you all and hope you understand why i always keep things short. I am sure that sometimes you might think that i am really.... i don`t know....impersonal in my letters. I just want to let YOU know my beloved family and friends that what i say is meant specifically for YOU. I love you personally. What i say here is meant for you even when it seems unspecific. I hope you can feel that. YOU are the greatest people in this world. I love you all because you have shaped me into the person that i am. I can`t thank you enough.


Elder Ben Williams

Monday, June 17, 2013

Where to start?

Happy belated father´s day Dad. Just wanted to let you know i have been thinking about you a lot this week. I remeber in third grade we had to write a paper about someone we wanted to be like. Guess who I wrote about=) You are the greatest example of a priesthood holder and father that has ever existed. I hope one day to become like you. I love you dad =)

This is going to sound strange but we have so many investigators right now i don´t know where to start. I have never been in a situation like this. I can´t focus on everyone... The weird part is they are all from Aldea, the ward we will be working in in the future. Its kinda cool=) and foremost we baptized this week.

Erendira's baptism was something spiritual. Beforehand, it was a little crazy....but i think that´s how all baptisms are. We got to the church and it turns out we don´t have keys to the baptismal font. Both bishops were out of town but some how we found keys. only to find that the font was full of water...and spiders and cockroaches. We started draining it all and cleaning like madmen(one hour before the service) While i was up to my knees in the cold water throwing out bugs, the cell fell out of my pocket into the water(still works...its Nokia =) )..... oh and we forgot to make a program for the baptism. But the baptismal service was incredible, and that´s what´s important.

whew. what else? we found a sweet house that has cheap rent. Pray that Presidente will approve it =)

I love you all =)

Elder Ben Williams

ps sweet pic of when Elder Cristofferson came. This is the whole mission =)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Travel Week

The title is that way because that´s like all we did this week.

WE went to Leon for concilio de Lideres. We went to Dolores Hidalgo for La junta de Distrito. We went to celaya 3 times for special conferences with presidente and stake conference and all....

I feel like i spent more time in the bus than in San MIguel.

Aun asi We had a lot of success here. We taught Erendira who has her date for baptism set for the 15th. We found Vicky and Janet. WE taught Juana and Sol and almost got them to come to church with us. The hard part about living far from the city is when we have stake conference, our investigator´s sorta get left behind.....

Lets explian things shall we? Erendira is doing great. all she needs now is an interview and she is good to go. She surprised us at what she knows. She found out about the mormon channel in youtube and and and is way excited with everything. I hope and pray that everything will turn out right.

Janet is the friend of a member here. She is catholic but wants to learn a litttle more about our religion(bercause of her friend). Her major doubt is about salvation, like what she has to do to be saved. It sorta opened a door if you know what i mean.

Vicky is also a friend of a member. Really we just have to find her house and we are set. She is super receptive and wants to learn about the gospel.She loves her family and i´ve got the feeling that she will be converted. We pray we can find her house. We spent an hour and a half looking for it the other day. Its hidden somewhere.....

We are finally going to have another set of missionaries aqui but we have to find a house for them and the rent has to be less than 2300 pesos which sounds like a lot. its not. especially in a place that is a tourist attraction for we need you to pray for us to find a house.

I love you all and here's a picture....remind you of anything?

Elder Ben Williams

Monday, June 3, 2013

I think the days are getting shorter.

.....Or we are just doing a lot more than i have ever done in my life as a missionary every day. Really i feel like there are so many things to keep track i´m getting a little lost. My head is in the ...i was gonna say clouds...but that isn´t right. Its in the greatest work i could ever be doing, the most challenging and wonderful task in my life and i love every minute.

Even when said minutes aren´t so great. We had a couple investigators bail on us this week. One tried to return the Book of Mormon we gave her. She said she hasn´t read, hasn´t prayed to know if what we are saying is true. She told us she felt something after we gave her a blessing. She said she hasn´t been sick since the moment of said blessing. but she attributed her improved health to (to quote her "magic, or coincidence, or eating right". that was a bit frustrating!

Anyway, on a better note we found 2 people this week who are truly chosen. Sol and Juana have been prepared by God. At times its tough to get people to complete with every promise that they make to learn and improve. Hopefully prayers will help them. We pray that Sol will be able to have a desire to change and that Juana will feel the difference of the True Gospel of the Savior in her life.

I had Three baptismal interviews in one day, in two districts, that was a mouthful, on Saturday. Before i tell you about how they went let me just say this. GOD ANSWERS PRAYS. He healed me right before i interviewed His children so that they can enter into His fold. Let me just explain. I had quite possible the worst bus ride of my life Saturday. I have no clue what i ate but it obviously didn´t agree with my stomach. I feel blessed that we traveled long distance. There was a toliet on the bus and that´s where i lost my dinner and breakfast. my stomach was killing me. i was....bad..... On the second bus we had to take to get to san Luis, I was still hurting. I prayed that the Lord would take away my pain so that i could do what He needed me to do. I still felt horrible,the whole bus ride. and then we got to san luis and it was gone. A miracle really.

I love you my family. Even if you are far away, i feel your support, your love. You are the greatest family ever.

Elder Ben Williams