Tuesday, December 11, 2012

...like I was home...

Wow. Baptism. That was incredible! i can´t even begin the Spirit that was there. I don´t think i will ever forget it. it was a little stressful beforehand because our ward mission leader wasn´t there. So we had to clean and fill the font. That took forever. I will never forget that craziness. Elder Ortiz told me that it was Satan trying to get to us. He told me we needed to pray but that he didn´t want to pray because he was annoyed and stressed out. I felt a peace come to us after and during my simply stated prayer. that peace just continued to grow during the baptismal service. The District Leader and the Zone leaders all came for the baptism and we had quite a few ward members there. Antonio is pretty tall and was nervous before his baptism. He had to be baptized 3 times because his toe popped up once and then he wasn´t completely submerged in the water. but the joy that emanated from him was evident. i had a cool experience soon after the ordinance was completed. we were watching some video from the church but i wasn´t really paying attention. I was thinking about the baptism. and then it was like i was home. i felt like i was back at the stake center at some baptism with all of you. Do you know why? the people of our ward here are becoming my temporary family. I can´t explain that peace. it was an incredible experience.
The next day was...interesting. We had to give talks and i had to confirm Antonio. Guess what? I had to start over three times, the same as Elder Ortiz in the baptism. The Spirit was stronger in the moment that we were confirming him than i have ever felt. I didn´t really know what to say but i never paused. The Spirit truly guided me to bless this my brother in the Lord.
Yesterday was completely crazy. We were running around preparing for the activity all day. it was insane! i thought Sunday was the day of rest! turns out the past two weeks have been the days where we walk and do things everywhere the most. the activity was a huge success. We only had four nonmembers show up but the miracle was that they all felt the Spirit. Many of the members who are less active who we thought would never come, came. several people were in tears. the Spirit was incredibly powerful. Thank you all for praying for this activity. It was truly a smashing success.
Guess what? I just got your Dear Elders this week. i loved them all. It takes about a month for the mail to actually get to us. Just a heads up.
Time to answer some Josh and Sadie questions.
Elder Ortiz and I ride the bus every single day. We try not to take too many taxis because they are super expensive. We see other Elders in our district every week at our meetings. sometimes we do fun stuff together on Preparation Day. We eat tortillas at every meal and Elder Ortiz tells me that food in Mexico without Chile isn`t food, so yeah we have a lot of salsa and most of it is super spicy. Good drinks...in Mexico every drinks coca cola but i don`t know. They have this drink called Pinafiel that i like and also that blend fruits in a blender to make juice and that is way good. sometimes the members will give us a drink called atole and that is also way good. i think its the milk from sweet rice or something like that.... Geraldo still hasn`t been baptized. Temple trips here are every 3 months so no Hermano Navaro hasn`t gone yet. but he did find a job which was a miracle.

I Love You Tons!
Elder Ben Williams

from "the activity..."

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