Monday, September 9, 2013

Learning is fun

That was a terrible title and i know it....but seriously what i learned in this week was....not fun but good.... it was close-ish to that cheesy title so i put it down.

Informes de Investigadores

1. Guadalupe: Sabe.
We haven´t seen her in a week and every time that we pass by she says she doesn´t have time. Her sister is a Member and hasn´t been to the church in who knows how long. She is A great person but we will probably have to stop teaching her soon.... Pray for her to at least pray. that´s one of the many ( Mom help me out here! i forgot the word in English!)

2. Antonio:
He still hasn´t stopped drinking but i can´t explain to you the Spirit that he has. He is one of the people that i just feel close to. He has given us more people to visit than any member and he brought his Daughter (Claudia) to Church this Sunday and she says she wants to hear more. I know he will be Baptized but he can´t seem to stop drinking! its a little tough sometimes..... he needs prayers of strength

3. Victoria:
She didn´t come to church this week(she works every day....) but she did introduce us to her children( Felipe and Magali). They listened to us and we all felt the Spirit, I¨m sure of it. I know it will be tough for them to come to church so I ask all of you to pray that they want to and will be able to come.

We had a Zone conference this week and i just want to but some of my thoughts from what he said.

1. Prez combined 1 Samuel 15 with the parable of the talents. he told us that if we are almost obedient....the Lord almost blesses us. I would suggest that any missionary who is almost obedient read 1 Sam. 15 =)

2. Without my companion, I´m not an Elder. I still have all the right and abilities to be Christ´s representative but i need the support of Elder Comboy to truly be such.

3. Without the Members of the ward, no one gets baptized.

I feel like i´m doing great, but its a commandment to be perfect(look for it its in the Sermon on the mount) So I´ve got some sacrifices to make.

I love you all and pray that all is well=)

Elder Ben Williams

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