Monday, September 2, 2013

This week was


Yeah i will divulge on that but there are some days that i just sorta feel like i need to be so much better! i feel like i have to convert myself and right now i`m missing a lot to become truly converted....but conversion is a process. its the process of giving everything you`ve got, leaving absolutely everything behind, Giving yourself to the Lord and its not easy..... but the best things in life are never easy. If the were, they wouldn`t be worth it. so I decided to make some changes this week.

1. I`m going to but the highest goals i can. And that doesn`t just apply here in the mission. Remember how i said that i`m making my life plan? So far I`ve narrowed down what i want to do with my life to a few choices Engineer (Chemical, Mechanical, or Medical) Accountant(i like numbers) or Dentist( i like the idea and any tips from Uncle Dave Macdonald would be nice) and I`ve got other plans that are probably more important but i don`t really want to share with the whole world so there. if you want to ask me personally

2. I`m no longer going to try to work by personal efforts. that doesn`t mean that i will ignore the Spirit when it tells me to talk to someone but seriously the most effective investigators or in other words the ones who go to church and that one day get baptized are REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!! I can`t work without the members. in fact no missionary can, or at least not effectively. Do you know why there are so many baptisms in the city of Mexico? because the missionaries there work hand in hand with the members. so that`s what i`m going to do...more =)

3. I`m going to read a message from the modern day prophets and apostles every week. There is no guidance quite like the words of men who are living (or were living) in these days. I feel that they speak straight to my soul and even more so when i read in Spanish. There is nothing quite like it.....

just saw a video that i need every Father to watch(especially you pops) its Called "Padre Terrenal, Padre Celestial"
and even though the title is in Spanish the video is in English.

so enough about me.

Antonio is... who knows where.... but he is changing. he told us the other day that he felt sad....because he hasn`t had a drop of alcohol in a week and his body isn`t used to that =) Keep praying for him, because he is changing a whole ton but its tough to get rid of an addiction.

Guadalupe!!!!!!!! we have no clue what is going through her head right now....mostly because she doesn`t either....she told us she likes church and the feeling she has there and she always tells us how much she likes everything we talk about.... but she doesn`t pray and won`t read the BOM so....we don`t know what to do. Help us out by praying for us to understand her needs=)

Um... Angel. He is an Older man that leaves in a Ranchito called EL NIGROMANTE!!!!!!! its like 40 minutes outside the city. He is really old (i think he said he has 86 years) and is looking for a religion that convinces him so that he can be baptized.... he says that he has been with Jehovah Witnesses, Baptists, Christians and a bunch of other sects but that he isn`t we need to help him know the truth....pray for him to get better (he is a frail dude and recently had a heart attack and as such can`t leave the house....) and to understand the truth that is in the Book of Mormon =)

and that`s all folks. Just want to thank the people who have written me recently and say that I love you, You know who you are. and if i don`t get to writing you today, know that i am truly grateful for your love, your prayers and every experience that you share with me.

Elder Ben Williams

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