Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Week

This week was rather long but good for the Elder Vasquez and I for three reasons. 1. Conferences and training with attendees and then with District Leaders. I feel that all came out of that conference built with many goals. Personally I the I have to change a lot of me, more than anything my empathy for other people, especially the Elders who are far from us here in Leon .... Two. We had divisions with our District. I had the great opportunity to work with one of the Elders do not know very well, Elder Alley ... While the area did not know but that gave us the opportunity to talk of many things he expects of himself. Basically, I came to the knowledge of "who is Elder Tyler Alley". And we learned something special. He asked me at one time between appointments "Elder, should I do to develop the same confidence that you have?" I was surprised by this question ... but I saw and felt the need he had Elder. Then I started to talk, parts for me to understand English well. He said that he does not recognize as having confidence in Him Mr. After some time to share some personal experiences. And I applied your problem to the Gospel. At the end of what I said, the two were sorpendidos. I said "thank you. That was exactly what I needed." In prayer, I said the same thing to my Heavenly Father. I know He cares for us. Elder Alley has goals to develop confidence and become what the Lord expects =) 
Three. Good. Now I have to say because the last two have been long. not because of General Conference. I actually felt that the time listening to Special Witnesses of the Savior was fast .... Rather it was because there were difficult moments between Elder Vasquez and me. I said some things that were ... silly, offensive, arrogant .... and hurt my companion .... I assure President we're friends now, all better and resolve the differences between us. It was something that started with a joke misunderstood and went lastimadoras words. I do not feel regret for what I did but I know for sure that I will never do or say the same. I am more grateful now more than ever for the Atonement, by repentance, though it costs my pride. But I have great pride that I can give up to be fully consecrated to the Lord ....

so this is what i wrote to president today. Basically talks about everything I did this week .... um yeah. i know most of it you will not understand this one ... but that's what the gift of tongues is for =) And Also there's always google translate .... = {) (mustached smiley =))

this is the google translate

This conference was full of inspiration. but it was so short!!! i was waiting for another session ..... but Alma Teaches us That We Should not ask for more than we've been given. Now is the Most Important time. We have to apply what we learned to our lives and I'm sure everyone of us have at Least one goal That We Can Work Toward .... the thing about goals is That We forget about an important part ..... the planning .... meaning the actions we will take EVERY DAY to get one step closer to our goal and by so doing getting Closer To the Savior. I invite you all to make Such plans =)

So we Found some people this week .... Jenni is incredible. She came to conference and said That it was ... interesting ... i guess info we have to help her see just how interesting it will be for her ..... pray That she will apply what she learned And Also what we try to teach her ​​=)

Uh ... D and M ..... They are very good people .... its just tough to see The Importance of changing sometimes if we feel like everything is alright .... pray so That They Will see The Importance of the message we have ...

D will most likely to be moving to Silao soon. Pray for him to continue with the church there ....

well that's all folks .. I love you more than the people here love salsa, tacos, beans, tortillas, and FOOTBALL!!! (And believe me, That means i love you more than even I understand = {))

Elder Ben Williams ...

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