Monday, October 28, 2013

Transformation....transfer on Monday

um. where to start?

J? why not.
didn`t go to church. no clue why but it happens. she still is going to be baptized. we just have to figure out when...

E got baptized =) it was the most spiritual baptism i`ve ever been to. it was awesome. i know that she knows that what we teach is true. and that`s the most important. there is not, and will never be anything more important than the work of converting souls unto Christ.

WATCH THE LORD´S GAME PLAN from the October 2013 conference.

We have to find new people to teach. there is no way we can keep going on like this. we have plans to do a ton this week. but that isn`t enough. we must do more.

Speaking of which, WE has changed. my new companion is Elder White. HE IS MY TWIN!!!!!!!!!!!! We are both 6 foot, bespectacled, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny(i`m loosing weight... but we are going to start working out in a gym if we get permission from president) and he is american.... Crazy? i believe so my friends.... i don`t really know what`s up with my camera. i will try to send fotos but i can`t promise anything.

We are going to baptize!!! :)

I am done just being average, I want to be a man like Captain Moroni and his valor, his strength and his humility, a man like Mahonri Moriancumer who had so much faith he saw the very finger of Jehovah. Joseph Smith who could never be stopped by anyone from sharing the truth. Most importantly. I will be a Man like the Savior. My Savior. Unselfish. with pure love. always serving. Valiente. Joyful. Powerful. The Best Fisher Of Men the world has ever known. this is the transfer that is my transformation. I will not be moved.

I love you all.

Elder Ben Williams

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