Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines

I am feeling great. Seeing as this week we celebrate valentine`s day just want to start off by saying I Love you all. Here valentine`s day is el dia del amor y la amistad,( Friendship). So I have just been thinking that Ihave the most supportive incredible and loving group of family and friends in the entire world.

This week was interesting. We had to baptize some people who had lost there....registros...records!!!!! yes that`s the word... um.... and it was cool to be present. I sorta reflected back on what I’ve done in the mission and thought about what I need to do better.

It has been kinda fun to read about how my other missionary friends are going through things that I’ve gone through in the mission.....

any way i sorta wanted to do something different this week...mostly cause we did so much this week i have no clue where to start.... so i figured i would just share an experience from the week that i thought was...special...

Sunday we got to church a little confused. We had gone to pick up F. to go to church. I guess he slept in cause he didn`t come out to meet us.... anyway we were there doing the normal stuff on a Sunday in Church. Singing Hymns, preparing for the sacrament. And when one of the deacons ( H. V. He`s a funny kid. sorta reminds me of one my Little Brothers=) ) passed by with the little piece of Bread that we take sometimes mechanically every week, I started to think and... I really don`t know how to describe what I felt.... it was different this week. Something that made me tear up a bit(which rarely ever happens) and I started thinking about why I`m here. Not just in the mission, but here at all. And it’s all because of a perfect plan and One perfect Being. And I have the great opportunity to represent Him. And Isorta feel sometimes that I’m nowhere near worthy of such a responsibility...but I know that because of Him and His love I am here.

This Valentine`s day I hope that we all can remember the only perfect love that there has ever been.... the Love of Christ for each and every one of us.

I love you all,

Elder Williams

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