Monday, February 3, 2014

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Elder Villasboa
he is a great missionary and plays soccer ridiculously well. i haven´t seen anyone who can control the ball so fluidly. He is a newish missionary and he is still getting the hang of mission life and is kinda timid with the people. I´ve come to learn that you can tell who is an experienced missionary by how they act around people they don´t know. Old missionaries (like me) are really open and we talk a lot. New missionaries take a while to gain confidence with people and are really focused on just teaching. Not that that is a bad thing.

ok. 5 people came to church Sunday and they are all progressing to baptism. I figured i would talk about them because they are the most likely to be in parts of my life in the near future.

E. He is incredible! He reads the Book of Mormon, shares the gospel comes to church and he has told other people that he is going to be baptized... the only question is when.

F. Is 62 years old and is a great man. He has a great desire to change and is making decisions in his life to be closer to God. He is one of those people that has had contact with the church for...forever. He just needed a little something to help him have the desire to learn more about it.

Y. She is a great person. Her life is tough seeing as she is 21 and has three kids(oldest 3, youngest 5 months) and her mom and brother live with her. Her brother(Martin) has to have dialysis (kidney stuff...i think its like a blood cleaning) twice a week.

C. Is an older lady who doesn´t quite understand things as well as she should. i think Sadie could understand us faster. why? because she left school in third grade. She´s had a tough life and wants to be closer to God but doesn´t know exactly how. So we are showing(de alguna forma) but can be a challenge to teach her sometimes.

S. Will be baptized in one year. He is great.

In other news, i learned that president has plans of leaving me here in el sol(my ward) for the rest of my mission. of course that can change but i am super excited. why? because i will be able to see things grow here. its going to be great and i know it.

I love you all and hope that all is well. Pray daily and look for the answers in the scriptures...cause they are there.

Elder Ben Williams

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