Monday, October 1, 2012


My week started off with the Bountiful Temple dedication. It was truly incredible. I feel as though everytime I tuly listen to an apostle of the Lord I learn something that applies to me. As they were dedicating the temple I had the thought that my body is a temple. In order to have the Spirit of the Lord more abundantly, I need to dedicate myself to him. In order to do his work, I need to turn myself over to Him to allow him to work through me. I hope that makes sense.
Elder Golden of the Seventy spoke to us and spoke a little about Faith. He said that in order to increase our faith, we must increase our personal righteousness. That was pretty powerful. Then we listened to a talk by Elder Bednar. Look it up. It was an Answer to the question, "How do I Know if its the Spirit or Just me" the Answer? QUIT WORRYING ABOUT IT. Try to find  the talk, it was powerful. He gave it here at the MTC.
I was humbled yet again this week. Everyone in my district is ridiculously smart. way smarter than I can ever hope to be. Its humbling to be surrounded by such inteligent people, a little scary even...
Wonderful experience this week. Elder Souza and I taught the most powerful lesson yet to our investigator. It wasn't us talking. I wasn't even sure exactly what we said. She told us afterwards that she couldn't really understand us. It was the powerful spirit we had with us that compelled her to come closer to Christ. Elder Souza said, "That felt real. I felt as though we were speaking to a real investigater." Wow. That is all I can say.
Couple funny things happened this week. One was Elder Souza's back problem... that really isn't funny. But when you have ice stuffed in the back of your church clothes and half of the bag is sticking out so it looked like he had a rabbit's tail, that is kinda hilarious. Mostly cause he was so embarassed by it.
Over the past couple weeks, I've come to realize something else; everything is funnier in Spanish. Mostly cause half the time I don't understand what was said. That is like the best thing ever. The jokes my district has are all ridiculous, yet we find them so hilarious. We may or may not be loosing our sense of humor and trying to find it in simpler things. I like that though.

Viva Mexico!
Elder Ben Williams

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