Monday, July 15, 2013

Miracles are always nice


and they do happen =)

Before i talk about that stuff i have some rather sad news....not really sad but....Mauro isn`t in our ward boundaries.... so we won`t be teaching him anymore. Andrea`s mom(and dad although she hasn`t talked to him) won`t let her get baptized yet. But we aren`t giving up =) Its sad sometimes how people don`t see the good effect the Restored Gospel has on our lives. But one day they will see. I`m sure of it.

anyway, i wanted to talk about the not so great things before i get into the awesomest stuff, the miracles if you will. I think all of this deserves.... a list =)

1. We have a ward Mission leader..... i actually don`t know if that is the name of the calling in English but no biggie.

2. We found a former investigator of the church and his family and he is ready for baptism =)

3. We started teaching young man.

4. We provided service to a less active member and ended up getting to know a potential investigator.

5. 3 youth went to EFY(its called SEMEC or something like that now but EFY is better...) and they want to be baptized.

Miracles? Most definitely

Our new mission leader in our ward is on fire! we had our first meeting with him last Thursday and he is just..... Super ready to work. I love it! He has so many visions as to what our ward can become if we try hard enough and really its pretty impressive what he has in mind. One thing he has in mind struck home. He wants to activate active members....wait...what? Thinking back ten months i was an inactive-active member of the church. I went to church and prayed every night. But i almost never read the scriptures. Prayer wasn`t what it should have been. The Sacrament was less meaningful. What Adàn(Lìder Misional) wants to do with members of our ward is change that type of member(or those that are like i was before the mission) into consecrated individuals. It's not only having a testimony but to the Lord. Its really impressive and its going to take some time and effort, and Prayer.

We found a man who once listened to the missionaries named Miguel, he is incredible! We decided to look for former investigators and let me just say that sometimes we have know clue how deeply a seed of faith can be planted. Miguel has had no contact with missionaries or the Church in months but remembers how he felt when he listened before and says he is now ready for baptism. He lives in an area that i really don`t know too well....we were basically knocking on doors asking if somebody, ANYBODY, knew Miguel or if they had a clue as to where his street was ( he lives in an area where there are no street signs....) we were getting kinda confused when BOOM! we found him=) His wife isn't thrilled about him changing his religion but we pray that we will be able to help her feel the Spirit and just add to the truth she already has and answer concerns she may have about him getting baptized.

Miguel, I felt the Spirit very strongly when we were there, especially when he prayed. He was stuttering and pausing and getting embarrassed the whole lesson when suddenly in his prayer the words just flowed. Miguel is 14 and was bullied in his school a couple times We hope to help him to be more himself and in the Lord.

We helped a woman from our ward put things for sale outside of her house to sell them, sorta like a garage sale....only without the Garage.....a woman walked by looked at what was being sold and bought a seat. she told the less active member that it was heavy and she didn`t think she would be able to take it home. So we offered to help her. She is and artist and lived in Brazil for a long while and moved here about a month ago.. She didn`t really seemed interested when i was talking about our message but did invite us to her home to tell her more. We pray for her to accept the message we will bring her =)

Gabriela, Dania, and Erendira. They all went a youth conference and they want to listen to our messages. I will tell you more about them when i actually meet them...=)

I learn a lot in the mission. I think in this change i`m learning about communication. Elder Comboy is my best companion yet. Why? because we talk about everything and anything and we are open about how we feel.
I love YOU(reader, listener, friend, family,...other).
have a wonderful week and do great things=)

Elder Ben Williams

ps did you read the articles i sent last email?
if not, why? read them my friends. they are awesome=)

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