Monday, July 29, 2013

Why is time speeding up!?

UH... what happened to this week!

We had Interviews with Pres. Mejorada this week.... he is... a Mission President. Those of you who are in the mission or have been a missionary will understand... He just seems to know me. I know its because of the Spirit and His call but he just sorta.... I don´t know.....

Something he told me is i have to be more direct....Words like "like" (como) "um" or "Sort of" Leave room for doubt in our message as missionaries. WE DO NOT DOUBT THIS IS THE TRUTH. He asked me, "If some says to you, ' Joseph Smith was like a prophet and he ummm restored the Gospel. He ummm saw God and sort of became a Prophet...? would you believe them?" Given i don´t talk like that (or at least not as bad) but he made a good point. THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD. I HAVE BEEN CALLED BY A LIVING PROPHET AND HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ACT IN CHRIST´S NAME. is there anything more powerful, or wonderful than the knowledge we have? i think not.

Anyway, i invite you all to become direct. sometimes i feel like we get worried about what people might think and that we might offend them by inviting them to do something. I´ve found out that when we have the Spirit with us, people either accept our message, or they say no...its really not scary or terrible. Its just a simple, "no thank you" so what do we lose to talk to people about the Truth, The Good News. Try it. Invite someone to church this week. The worst thing that will happen is they will say no.

Anyway, great things are happening. We found a lot of work.... its kinda... beautiful really=) we are wroking harder than ever and we have had a lot of spiritual experiences.

For example, Dania. She accepted to be baptized this week. =) August 3. She set her own baptismal date. HOW? I don´t think i can explain it. We went to teach about who knows what and ended up talking about the whisperings of the Spirit. And she understood. It was the Spirit speaking to her, telling her that now is the time for her to make a covenant with God. it was a really Powerful Experience. We pray for everything to be ok with her baptism and that we can help her become truly converted.

Antonio is still drinking. Less than before but alcohol is alcohol....But he is changing dramatically. He read the Book of Mormon. He explained to us the Restoration. He knows that he needs to be baptized. He even changed his views of chastity and virtue as his lustful thoughts "are offensive to the Spirit of the Lord." I am astounded at his growth in such a short time...but he needs to stop drinking....and it won´t be easy... he has been drinking for 30 years, almost everyday....he needs prayers.... he is a great man. he just needs spiritual strength.

That´s really pretty much what´s been happening here.... I don´t know.... Pretty calm and all... but soon there will be a whole ton of work and i know it =)

I love you all !

Elder Ben Williams

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