Monday, July 1, 2013

One week in new mission


Weird right? I didn`t really even move anywhere but i`m officially part of the Queretaro mission. Mision Mexico Leon ya no existe. Its weird. But i`m alright with it being strange to think about. Mom you asked me about everyone of the people we were teaching last week. Guess what? everyone on the list from two weeks ago is now avoiding us. Personally, it is kinda tough. But i guess it just isn`t time for them to receive the Gospel.

Elder Comboy.....
Let me just tell you about him really fast. He is from Veracruz. He told me that the nickname of his city is The City of Pineapple. He is a convert to the church and only has 4 years as a member. He got sealed to his parents like a week before leaving for the mission. He is intelligent, likes to dress well and talks a lot which really is a good thing. He likes Banda and talks kinda weird. Sometimes i don`t understand him because he uses a lot of words that are native to Veracruz so i struggle to understand him sometime. He is what we call "Fresa". if you remember spanish slang that means his upper classish...a rich boy if you will but in a good way. Its will take me another week to get used to everything but that`s how it always is during cambios.

Questions about my comp? I will try to take pictures this week of us, deal?


Mauro is incredible. I have never had the opportunity to teach someone so humble, so ready for the Gospel before. I have absolutely no clue why the Lord has blessed us with such a great person to teach but we are doing all we can to help the man understand God`s plan. He is what you could call "de oro". But he still needs help. His family doesn`t support him and he doesn`t want us to go to his house. We need his family to soften their hearts. Pray for them please.

We are also teaching Andrea. She is the sister of a Recent Convert, Jovanna(who by the way is preparing for a mission. she is the only member of the church in her family and needs your prayers to help her in her desires to Serve our God). She, Andrea, is twelve. She has to have to the approval of her mother to be baptized and we have no clue if her mom will actually let her. She also has trouble recognizing answers to her prayers. We pray for her to be able to receive an answer from our Heavenly Father and that her mom will allow her to be baptized.

we are trying to prepare families for the temple. There are a couple of families that might be able to be sealed soon.

I made a goal to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish before i complete a year in the mission. I have found more answers in the past couple days in 2 Nephi than in all of my life. For anyone who has not read the Book of Mormon completely yet, I challenge you to set a goal to do so. I always pray before i read and i read sitting up. And the revelation just flows. I feel like the prophets in this sacred book are speaking directly to me....its really pretty much awesome =)

I love you all and hope that you have news about how you helped share the gospel this week. May the Lord protect you and the Spirit guide you in your personal struggles.

Elder Ben Williams

ps....not many pics this week.....sorry...

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