Monday, August 19, 2013

Don`t have much time

Why? cause we invited the bishop and his family to eat dinner with us in OUR HOUSE and we are going to cook. Cool right=) Presidente told us to do something new to gain the trust of our we asked permission to invite his family to Cenar con nosotros (eat dinner with us). Its gonna be fun!

Ok so real quick, wanted to tell you about a really cool story. We taught the Grandma of a member last Saturday. She was really sick and the doctors said she didn`t have much time left. In fact, she(la abuelita) asked us to talk to her. We taught the Plan of Salvation and i have never felt the Spirit testify so strongly of our words. She was so tired looking....she couldn`t even keep her eyes open. She just kept nodding and looking at us with gratitude in her eyes. She didn`t say anything. but I could tell she was scared before we began talking and by the time we left she was calm. She looked completely convinced of the truth of our words.
She passed away last night.
as i`m writing this, tears come to my eyes.
But I know with complete surety that she is resting. accepting the missionaries on the other side. I KNOW that this is God`s plan. He decides what happens and when it happens. He knows perfectly what we need.

other things that happened....1. Gudalupe didn`t come to church. We pray for her sisters to support her more and that we will be able to find her.

2. Abraham, the boyfriend of a member from the other ward, is from our ward and is going to be baptized soon. We are praying for him to overcome whatever temptation he would face this week.

3. Antonio is doing better. He has a goal to stop drinking before the 31 of August to be baptized the 21st of September. He still needs that kind of support.

4. I am trying to learn how to be cheerful in every moment. Pray for me to find a way to do so.

5. Remedios is the name of the woman who passed away. Pray for her family.

I love you all and sorry it was short this time=(

Elder Ben Williams

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