Monday, August 12, 2013


I don´t really want to write much of a general letter today because i feel like i need to write many people personally including my lovely sister Stephanie because today is your birthday! (you are an adult my love! WEIRD!) so I will keep things short and sweet.

Andrea was baptized. I will never forget her story. she has so much faith. I know she is one of God´s chosen Children for these later days. she is truly incredible.....We pray for her family to start to accept what we teach. we want these blessings to reach every member of her family.

Antonio came to church this Week! woohoo! He is still drinking but he says its not nearly as much as he used to. He told us that he likes the church and wants to be baptized but he just needs our help, God´s help to stop drinking. I really love him and it makes me sad to see him struggle so. Pray that he will have the strength to get rid of his addiction (I can´t remember the word for vencer or superar...)

Guadalupe also came to church! she is another one of our Heavenly Father´s chosen children. We are praying for her to understand and follow the commandments that we teach her so that she will be baptized the 31 of this month. We pray for her to feel the support of her family, especially her less active sisters =)

That is all. I need to write many of you personally and so a bid you Adieu hasta luego!

Elder Williams

P.S. Les amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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