Monday, August 5, 2013


You know something? I never realized how many miracles pass in one day until the mission. I can`t explain how many things happen in one day that just make me understand how perfect our Father in Heaven is. Everything is in His hands. Its really wonderful and its makes me feel even better when I understand that we can be His Helpers in this perfect work. Its pretty much the best thing ever...

I am official two decades old. Weird right? lots of the people here say i look like i`m 24. that hurts. just saying. but the greatest thing about this week doesn`t have anything to do with my birtday.

Dania Got Baptized! WOOOHOOOO! I think the best moments i have lived in the mission are the baptisms. Dania was investigating the church for a long time. Her parents wouldn`t let her be baptized. She sorta got lost, out of radar if you catch my drift for several months. and then we found her again. And she was ready to be baptized. She Went to EFY and turned 18 and she told us she wants to go on a mission and really wanted to be baptized.

That wasn`t the only miracle in this week. Andrea is going to be baptized! I think i`ve told you about her about once. Her parents didn`t want her to be baptized. Can i just say something? Fasting works.

We invited Andrea and her sister to fast so that her parents would allow her to be baptized. At first when she told her dad about her desire to be baptized he started saying a bunch of harsh things about the church, but in the end he said" But you can do what you want. Get baptized if you think its something good." That was by far the best birthday present ever!

Sad thing that passed this week. We may leave Gabi and her family to be taught by other elders. They really don`t seem quite ready. Gabi was excited because of EFY but everything passed in a short time so she sorta lost interest... I feel bad but they are a great family. they will accept the Gospel one day. They just need more time and I pray that they will come to the realization of the truth and accept it.

Antonio is doing... mas o menos bien. he hasn`t drunk alcohol for a week. He went to Dania`s baptism, and he accepted a baptismal date. but he needs God's help to stop drinking(its not that easy to get rid of such an addiction) and to find a friend in the church. I ask all of you to pray for him to be able to overcome such difficulties.

I love you all and pray that you are well and following the councils of the Spirit.

Elder Ben Williams

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