Monday, November 4, 2013

Life as a Zone Leader

Basically this was a strange week.......but not really. i guess it would have been normal. it just had like, a couple bumps in it.....
You are probably thinking what bumps? so im just going to explain
1. Elder Hyde!!!!!!!! he is by far one of the Elders that i have the most respect for in the mission. He is also completely and totally insane... and i`ve figured out that most of the best missionaries in the world are like him. He is super Direct, hilarious, spiritual, and driven. pretty much he is incredible. and he and his companion currently live in our house. He was president`s assistant until recently and so he basically told president his old house was ugly and that he and his companion could fit in ours.... awesome right =)

2. I went to Queretaro. Um, basically every non-mexican who got here in november of last year had to go and sign Visas. It was pretty nice to see all the people that got here at the sametime as me. but it was also weird to sort of recognize how old i am in the mission. Some of the younger missionaries are starting to call me one of the "more experienced" Elders in the mission. and i just think " Uh....excuse me but i totally just got here...." and then it hits me. I have been a missionary, a set apart representative of Christ for more than a year. SCARY!

3. so um what else.... oh i titled this the Life of a Zone Leader right? that`s cause the past two days we have been in the Hospital.....

So is anyone dying to know why? was that enough space to make you feel like that was a cliff hanger? do you realize that i am stalling for dramatic effect with questions you don`t need to answer? isn`t this awesome?

Ok. Elder A, a member of the Zone called us while we were eating on Saturday. he said he was on his way to the Hospital and that he would tell us if he needed anything. basically, we gulped down the food and asked the members to give us a ride to the Hospital.
when we got there the people told us that Elder A had some kind of problem in his appendix and that he needed to go through surgery, now. so that was like a split moment decision. We talked to President, he gave the ok and boom! Everything was over in a flash. We stayed with the Elder while he recovered from surgery Saturday night, Sunday, and most of today. I "slept" on the floor and it was really a cool experience. we talked to the elders there and tried to keep from being bored.... it wasn`t too easy though.

Basically, with all the stuff we did this week we worked all of three whole days here in Leon. And we did a ton =)

J is so awesome... but she didn`t go to church again... it may have been because her mom was in town. Regardless, she says she is struggling to get an answer about baptism but that she likes what we teach.we pray that She will receive her answer.

M. she is another person that has gospel potential(which in the words of Elder Hyde, is terrible... why? cause that means she isn`t what she needs to be NOW) so we pray for her to get to her potential

so i figured out something this week.

Eternal Life starts(...or better started)now. we can choose (as it says in 2Nephi2:27) to be eternally happy or eternally miserable now. Make your choice. There are no other options.

I love you wonderful people!

Elder Williams

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