Monday, November 11, 2013

This week was spectacularly Spiritual

I `m sorry i wrote in Spanish again. I just Decided to write a lot to President Because this week was spectacularly Spiritual .... Like every week ... only better. i really hope you can use Google Translate for all this ... if not .... sorry.
As google translated...
So many things happened this week that I do not even know where to start.
My interview with you was a key moment in my progression as a representative of Christ. for a long time I have felt that my relationship to God was something missing. I found my answer of what I really lacked in Ether 2 and 3. Now I see that God will speak to me. That's for sure.

The advice helped me see that I have a lot of potential, and I'm living in a way of what I can achieve. and this is already changing.

Elder Crouch divisions told me Thursday (sorry for jumping from one penamiento to another) that I have to do more with less. This phrase struck me and I am applying.

Saturday I went with Elder Hyde in Divisions. We went to a hospital to give a Blessing to a man who is not a member. When we got to the hospital, Elder told me that he felt that he knew the family of the man she went. It was special to see the faith of a man member. When we started with the blessing, God was talking to pray with all the faith that I have to heal R. (the patient) President, I have never felt so sure that God did what we asked. He was healed.

After this wonderful experience I asked Elder Hyde what I can develop the faith to do the same.
He taught me something I will never forget. He said, "The Faith of the area and this area, cannot be more than yours"

I know what I need. I know I have much to change. And I love it. I am applying

so um .... yeah. i love the mission. I will not come back the same person .... and that is awesome.

uh what else ...

J went to church. her husband is really hard to teach. I still don `t know if I he believes what we teach or not. J says he does. we are Praying That his heart will be softened.

J.J. went to church for the first time ever! WOOHOOO! We pray That he will understand The Importance of being there and will receive the answers he needs.

L. is moving to Chihuahua.We pray That She will stay with the Gospel When She does.

So yeah .... I love you you all more than you can tell and i hope all is well ....

Elder Ben Williams

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