Monday, December 2, 2013

Guess what I made?

so um what`s new? uh.... WE HAD THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! pretty much one of
the funniest things ever. we asked President if we could have thanksgiving dinner(not really dinner seeing
as we ate at about 12....) and he said "Sure". so uh yeah. some how i got voted "chef" and so i tried to
remember how to mom makes turkey. I will say this, it was delicious=) i will not take any of the credit
cause i was praying the whole time that i wouldn`t burn it. but whatever. and i made gravy. I am like pro at
that anyway so like no big deal but it was fun=) it was fun to be with part of my family here in Mexico

what else happened this week? i can`t remember if i told you all about C and her family....i will just tell you anyway =) but i sort of have to talk about P first... He`s our landlord and an investigator to the church( he is from another area, de hecho he is the elders who live in our house`s.... i can`t do english today i hope that made some sort of sense....) where was I? oh right so P is in love with something called Herbalife and he invited us to eat with him there. C owns the little herbalife store that is closest to us . he introduced us to her and basically said" you should invite them into your house. what they teach is life changing" something like that. She was like" cool, When can you com by" do you see why we don`t have to contact or knock doors here? (we contact and knock doors if we feel by the Spirit we we still contact a little each day but its not huge....) anyway, we took her and most of her family on a tour of the Church and it was awesome! but her husband is super hard hearted. I love the guy but he does not let the Spirit work in him! let me say this: we got into the Salon sacramental(MOM! what is that in English?) and i seriously felt a wave of the Spirit Hit us. Elder White felt it too. C, her husband and one of her daughters also felt it. And J shook it off. He said that`s how ever place that is dedicated to God is.....NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! any way please pray that he will soften his heart and that he and his family will come to church....

J did not go to church this week. However, she can be baptized this week if her husband allows it. so uh... pray that he will allow her to make a covenant this week =) . I don`t want to be biased or anything, but she is incredible. I`ve already
told you about how she`s changed. I know that change is real when Elder Hyde( who was with me on sunday. we did divisions....) said" Elder, She is so beyond ready." Then he asked, " does she ever stop smiling like that?" Yeah so um.... I love that. anyway pray that she will be baptized this week...

that`s about it... I love you all! Hope Thanksgiving was awesome!

Elder Ben Williams

These are my mission roomates, (and companion)

After basketball

Elder Hyde is going home so we celebrated at Chili's

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