Monday, January 27, 2014

In the Zone

Sorry time got away from me.... I just everything you sent me and that was fun..... so yeah,sorry in advance.

So um fast.... miracles are happening. I second what Lindsay said about the simple act of opening one´s mouth. We found like 5 people this week who are willing to listen to us. kinda cool.

*I read missionary emails from 5 different missionaries today and every single one of them talked about the miracles of finding people to teach over the past week…more people than any of them had previously come across in any given week in their missions. I just found that very intriguing –Lorene Williams

What else.... OH! right I have a new companion... Elder Villasboa... he reminds me a lot of Elder Grant for some reason. He is fun to be around even though he doesn´t talk too much. He is very direct and very new in the mission(7 months) but that doesn´t mean anything. I always learn a ton from my younger companions... we actually haven´t taken a picture together yet but I will say this: he looks real young.....

on a side note: he says I look like Jim Carey(...the dude in Ace Ventura)

The work is going well. I did sorta got a slap to the face this week... we saw saw the President the other day by chance(digo {or in other words} the will of God) and he told us a lot of things about the Zone. He told us very clearly that our zone has to become the zone that baptizes the most because we have the ability to do so. He also told me that I am a great missionary (cool right?) but he followed that by saying, "you still aren´t an excellent Missionary. Work on that" and that´s what i am doing=) I won´t be saying much about investigators this week . Just know that we need to help a ton of people and that it is only possible with our Heavenly Father´s help, something I learned yet again this week.
I love you all tons, more than argentines love meat (they reallly, really, REALLY...reallly. love meat)

Elder Ben Williams

PS sorry for the lack of pics....

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