Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Family....I love you all!

Dear Fam,

I just want to share a little more of what has happened this week.
1. We have an investigator with a date for baptism. He got really sick recently and wants to change. Pray for him please. His name is Geraldo.
2. We are preparing a man to go to the temple but he has a problem with the word of wisdom, specifically smoking. Pray for him to be able to overcome it.
3. Pray that my companion will be more obedient. Now before you go thinking he is breaking rules, he really isn´t. or at least I don´t know. So really actually pray for me to become accustomed to things here, especially the culture.
4. This was the first day that I missed you all so much that it almost made me cry.

Sadie and Josh, Mexico is so different! Nope, I haven’t seen any horses here but there are tons of dogs. They are everywhere! I can’t believe how many things have happened in the past week. Church was different, our ward here only has 90 members and guess who gave a talk? Me! I can hardly speak Spanish and they had me give the I am glad that you are reading the Book of Mormon so much and I love you!

Sam! I can’t even begin to explain Mexico. It’s crazy... it is nothing like Vegas.... well there are tons of cars and stuff but that is about the only thing that is like Vegas. The church building is tiny and really...different, but the church is the same here. It’s hard for me to adjust to all the cultural things here. For example, we eat breakfast at like 7 and then we don’t eat till 2! crazy! Dinner for like everyone is at like 9 or 10 at night. I love you.

Linz, just wanted to share real fast something with you. My companion has repeated multiple times to me that the reason we are out here is to invite people to come unto Christ, not to baptize. So in preparation to serve the Lord, I would suggest a study of the Savior´s characteristics. Preach My Gospel chapter 6 it has a ton. Just a suggestion. Good luck with classes and everything. I love you.

I don´t know when or if I will be able to write a letter, which is tough for me. It is wonderful here. It is busy and different but wonderful. Just to give you like a visual idea of what Mexico is like, think of the houses on D street. That´s what it looks like. Now think of really happy humble people. That is what it is like. I can´t believe Mr. Cap passed away. After I read that I felt like I got punched in the face. I love you Steph and hope you are praying hard and relying on the Lord for guidance. Elder Bednar gave a talk this past conference about giving up our weapons of rebellion. It was powerful. It’s definitely worth reviewing if you have time.

Mom & Dad, Pictures next week! Promise. Also I don´t know when I’m gonna be able to write hand written stuff... I only have so much time and Elder Ortiz doesn’t seem to like writing letters much, I´m going to try to write as much as possible.

I love you all so much! Pray hard, play hard and turn to the Lord when times are hard.

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