Sunday, November 4, 2012

Final Week At the MTC!

I feel as though this week breezed by. I am trying so hard to remember what happened but there was just so much! I'll do my best to just give the best parts but you may have to bear with me because my memory is pretty shot. My preparation day is today (Saturday) and that definitely threw me off a little. The reason for that is because yesterday was in-field orientation. I'll talk more about that but I just wanted to explain first why my "electronic journal" is a tad late this time.
I think I’m going to start this letter in the middle of the week. It isn't because nothing happened last Saturday through Tuesday. It's just I really want to talk about Wednesday. Why? Because that was the day i got to be a host. Mom, you sent me a letter last Wednesday talking about how new missionaries may be greeted by me as their parents dropped them off on the curb. That is exactly what happened Wednesday. MY district and I had the pleasure of showing incoming missionaries their rooms, classrooms, and really just taking them on a tour of the MTC. I hosted one person. His name is Elder Jones. He's from California and is on his way to Budapest, Hungary. Can you believe it? When he told me i was in awe! He was the first future Hungarian speaking Elder I had ever met. Then I took him to his room. There were so many Hungarian speaking Elders! it was like a secret part of the MTC I had yet to discover. That experience was strange but really wonderful for me. It was weird being the old guy on campus and helping my fellow servant of the Lord get used to life here at the MTC. The best part was when I dropped him off at his classroom. All of you future Elders get ready. Your teacher is gonna speak to you in your mission language the minute you get to class. Elder Jones seemed to be alright until his teacher greeted him in Hungarian and then proceeded to say things at a mile a minute. I could literally feel his confusion. I think I may have understood her better than he had. That brought back memories of my first day...oh nostalgia....
Anyway, that was a really fun different experience. As was our last lesson with Brother Lloyd. Brother Lloyd taught....or rather refocused us that night on our purpose as missionaries.
That purpose is this: To invite others to come unto Christ to help them receive the Restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, to repent, be baptized, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. But he put it in different terms. What we are really offering our Brothers and Sisters is eternal salvation. We are bringing them into God's kingdom here on the Earth and preparing them to be with into the eternities. I feel as though with that in mind, my desire to share the word has augmented.
I mentioned In-field. I really don't have too much time to really talk about that. Basically, it was helping us realize our responsibilities outside of teaching such as finding, using the members, etc.
Sorry I can't write more. I just don't have the time. I just want you all to know how much I love you. You are my favorite people in the whole world and I can feel your prayers. I am sorry to those who have in recent days written me because in all honesty, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write back. Today I plan on writing mostly to my family because I really have no clue what mail is like in Mexico so I will just keep you posted (ha! no pun intended) when I get there.. I hope you understand.
Remember who you are and who you represent.
Once again I Love You.
Elder Ben Williams
Ps pray for me as I leave for Mexico Monday Morning =) I leave the MTC at 5 my flight leaves at 8:20.
pps Pray for the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. From what I have heard, they need all the prayers and help they can get.

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