Tuesday, November 20, 2012


...from last week at the MTC

....and the first week in Mexico

Elder Ortiz and myself first day!

This is from today. some members of the district gathered and we made tortillas and ate lunch together.

Noche de Hogar with the less active members of our ward

I am trying to learn as much as i can and in all reality the hardest thing is adjusting to the reality of the mission. Sometimes i have to remind myself that i am no longer at the MTC. These are real people seeking the truth and for some reason they have accepted me and my companion as bringers of truth. Old people ask us for advice. People who have so much more experience than i will have for another 40 years. That is insane! & yet, I know the Lord is guiding me. I have bben set apart from the world, quite literally, and I am focused on helping others come to salvation. That is gratifying.

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