Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

You know some weeks are really weird. Like this week. Guess how we started the new year? in the rain! I am relatively certain that it has never rained in Vegas on new year´s day but this is mexico. Needless to say, the first day of the year was pretty dreary wet and hard. You would think people would be in their houses due to the rain. We walked all over town that day, and we didn´t find anyone. That was harsh. This week was kinda like that. We went to Santa Maria on Wednesday to see why Geraldo didn't come to his baptism. We had or guesses but hearing it from his family was tough. No one in Santa Maria has the money to pay for the buses to and from the church. It isn´t just his family, everyone in that little pueblo is suffering. They don´t have work. They need to be nurtured by the gospel but there isn´t anyone nearby to help them. It is way hard sometimes to see the problems of other people and to be unable to help them. Please pray that they can find the means to come to church.
In contrast to that sad event, we went to the temple this week! But in a way that was sad too because both Francisco and Antonio failed to show up. Basically, the reasons we had to visit the temple didn´t come. But we went anyway because we had already payed for a seat on the bus.Guadalajara is warm and reminds me a lot of California. The temple in Guadalajara is small. its the same model as the one in Oklahoma City. But it doesn´t look real. It is beyond beautiful!

The temple. I´ll admit i was kinda scared to do a session in Spanish but it wasn´t that bad. I can tell you this: i feel most at home in the celestial room of the temple. I ca'pt explain the feelings I always have there. It verified my testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel. Doesn´t matter the language, the Church and the feelings of the Spirit are the same. I know that now more than ever.

I was reading earlier this week about the changes that are in process in the church's curriculum for the youth.
It isn´t enough to simply be a member of the church any more. We can´t just go to church and have everything be fine and dandy. We have to be converted to the gospel of Christ. President Eyring gave a talk Come Unto Christ March 2008. It is truly incredible. I pray that you will come closer to the Redeemer this year and I know that the new lessons and such that the church is giving will help you all to do so.
I love you tons and well miss you....but I know the Lord wants me to be here.
Elder Ben Williams
Ps pray for us to be able to find people to teach!

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