Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Letter Home

The time i have for the computer isn't very long and as badly as i want to tell you everything that happened this week, it is impossible! Especially when I write individual emails to the fam. I can share some of the the miracle that happened this week. Sunday morning as we were leaving for church we got a call. The woman on the other line asked for SeƱor Ortiz. She said she was looking for God and that she had heard about our church from someone. She asked what time the meeting started (church) and guess what!? She actually showed up! Turns out that a person we had contacted a couple of weeks before had been talking to this woman and she told her that the Mormons "Hacen Milagros" (work miracles). So, the previous "contact" testified that we had helped her(we gave her a blessing that she might be able to see better, she´s pretty much blind) and that testimony led her friend (the lady who came to church the other day) to us. Neither of the two are actually from our area but it doesn´t matter, the work is the same. The Lord guides us to those who are looking for the truth.
Speaking of truth, first I want to say thanks for sharing I Corinthians 2:1-5 I quite literally needed to hear that because as far as the language goes, this week was one of the toughest. We were teaching a lesson and in the middle of it my mind went completely blank. I couldn´t speak Spanish. It was scary and more than a little discouraging. But later that same day we taught again and the words just flowed. I know it wasn´t just me.
I knew it was the Spirit. We were in a family night and the dad was sort of, well, teaching false doctrine. Elder Ortiz and I had the opportunity to teach truth. When it was my turn to speak the room got quieter. The words just flowed. It felt right. This was my first experience like that. I pray there will be many to come.
As I have studied today I´ve learned a lot. One thing I learned is the importance of being humble. (Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel has a section on that). This is where the Lord wants me to be and I know it. My life is different. I´m a missionary. I´m just barely realizing that (jk) and some days are just weird...but I am doing wonderful =)
I love you all. Remember, everything will work out. Just make sure to thank Heavenly Father when it does.
Elder Ben Williams

My Zone!

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  1. Oh, Ben...these experiences are just wonderful. You are learning the amazing strength the Lord gives us. I can just imagine the power that was in that home when you were able to speak. And yes, humility is the most important principle to practice. That means we are open to the spirit that the Lord wants to send to us. So good to hear about these experiences. My testimony is growing knowing you doing so well.