Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This week was really slow. Christmas day was one of the hardest. But not because we could´t find anyone to teach. We visited everyone we had planned to visit. And thus began the problems. You know how we always have tons of leftovers the day after Thanksgiving? Well here in Mexico everyone makes tons of food the 24th of December. They spend all day preparing it and don´t actually start eating until like 10 at night(that´s actually early according to Elder Ortiz). Anyway, back to why the 25th was hard. EVERY HOUSE WE WENT TO GAVE US TONS OF FOOD!!!!! Best day ever, right? well yes and no. Lets just say that after ten tamales and a ton of ponche(punch...oh hey it actually looks the same...) eating enough so as not to offend anyone is way difficult. When we went to eat at the home of a recent convert i had to pray that i would be able to eat. That was a first. But yeah, that´s how it was. no biggie. The rest of the week was pretty normal.
Except one day that we had a temporary change of companions. it was out of the blue. I was paired with an incredible guy. He´s had a tough life and adjusting to the mission is tough for him. Its tough for everyone. We spoke a lot in English and i think that helped a ton. It was weird to be away from Elder Ortiz but it was nice too. This Elder just needed a friend.
Weird. I feel like we forget that sometimes. That we are all human and other people have problems. Really all we have to do sometimes is Listen with Love and all of the sudden everything is alright.
So yeah that´s pretty much it for this week
Oh and Gerardo(i´ve been spelling his name wrong this whole time) didn´t get baptized. He didn´t show up Sunday( the day of his baptism) but its because his family is really humble and the bus that the ward usually pays for to bring the members from santa maria to the church didn´t ever show....that was tough.but such is life.
I love you all a ton! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

ps pray that we will find new people to teach and that our recent converts can make it to the temple(we are going with them Saturday which is super rare in this mission)

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  1. Hi Elder Ben,
    It's me..the first person to ever touch your head :). Yes it's Sister
    Cory. I just returned home from a few days in Pine Valley with Bro
    Cory and got your Mom's Christmas card. Inclosed was the secret
    to getting to your here I am writing to you.
    I had flashbacks of when you were a cute little boy and our kids,
    Steph and Ken were on their missions in Brazil and Argentina. It made
    the time go faster for me to have you and Lindsay to keep me busy
    and happy. You sound great and I can tell the mission is loving you and you are loving the mission. It actually goes fast so work hard every day and you will not regret a thing. It gives you a lifetime of lessons to use
    as you teach your own family the gospel.
    Prayers being sent your way.
    Sister Cory