Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Come What May and Love It!"

This week was another toughy. And yet it was worth it. I am constantly reminded of the talk "Come what may, and love it". Its something that helps me in the moments i get discouraged.
We finally found Francisco. He fell back into old habits, namely drinking. Its weird to talk to him. I know its the same man we have taught countless times but his very countenance has changed. It was hard to listen to him explain why he "returned to his nets". He is one person to pray for. Pray for him to remember the covenant he has made.
Santa Maria is still in a tough spot. No one has money there. But i have good news, we found someone there we can teach! She is the sister of one of the members there and is looking for God due to the many challenges in her family. If we teach them i know that things in her situation will change.
Turns out Ortensia (the sister who came to church last week) lives in our area! The only problem is her daughter is in the Hospital and we haven´t been able to see her all week...
Guess what?! this week i got the first ever letters from home this week! woohoo! Now we know...mail here is slow. Elder Ortiz got a letter that was sent the 14 of November and the letters i got were sent the 21 of December... It was something very special for me to read from different people about their lives and to get a couple Christmas cards. I think i´m going to try to send some letters home this week if i have time(which i think i will) so look for a letter in the coming months ;)
We had Interviews with the president this week. He is and incredible man, truly a man called of God. I felt peaceful and at home in his presence and what he told me was exactly what i needed to hear in that moment. It was nice just to talk to him for the short period of time that i did. He is going to address us as a mission very soon.

Keep up the good work. Fight the good fight. Don´t stress Joshua 1:9. Trust in the Lord. All is well.
I love you all more than i can explain!
Elder Ben Williams

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