Friday, February 1, 2013


I´m Training!!!


So the reason I didn´t write Monday is because well, we had....cambios...(in all reality I have no clue what it is in English...changes?) Any way, changes in the mission happen every six weeks but not every companionship gets changed every time changes come around. But cambios came this time to us. Elder Ortiz is now secretary of materials in the mission offices and he has a new companion. And I stay in Aguacalientes with a new companion, Elder Dominguez. He is new in the mission so I am training him. When they told us in the MTC that we would be preparing to train in 3 months I didn´t believe them. and now here I the life of a Missionary in Mexico!
In all reality I think I went into shock when they told me I would be training. I feel like I barely even know what its like to be a missionary and I have to teach someone else? I was doubtful and scared and, for the first time in all my mission, a little depressed. I didn´t think i could do it. In the Bus on my way to Leon i was almost in tears. I didn´t feel right until I realized that all i had to do was pray and read my patriarchal blessing. as I did that I had a feeling of peace, that everything would be ok if i pray to the Lord and trust in Him. I feel like this is a test of my faith. The Lord wants me to be more confident in Him and if this is how I need to do so, so be it....
Its tough having the responsibilities of a trainer and in all reality i didn´t realize before how hard it would be. More than anything though i can feel the support of the Lord. I feel comforted in the fact that i am not alone. I have the ward here and i have you all and your prayers. I love you tons for that.
So i got more letters this week! Even a thanksgiving card and christmas letters...yes they just got here.
Still nothing from Steph though how long ago do she send that?
We only have half a day of p day today and so i feel a tad rushed but hey its all good.
This week we need a lot of prayers.

That is all.

I love you tons and i´m so grateful for all your support and prays. You are the best!
Elder Ben Williams

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