Monday, February 18, 2013

This week was a longish one....

But that`s life in the mission...

The reason this week has been so long is because i got sick on Friday. I`m a lot better now but it was terrible. Don`t worry about me.

Gerardo continues to get ready for his baptism. I know he will be an amazing addition to the church and to everyone around him. He came to church the other day with his uncle which really was a miracle. Traveling from Santa Maria is tough and the fact that they made it is an answer to many prayers. Thank you all for thinking of the people of mexico and especially these humble people in Santa Maria.

We had a discouraging visit with one of our investigator`s this week. We had invited him to be baptized and he told us he would pray about it. He told us in the visit we had this week that he really didn`t think he should change religions. He isn`t reading the Book of Mormon. Its the keystone of our religion. Everything in our religion is based on it. Without the Book of Mormon, we are just another church. If people can feel of the truth of the most perfect book on the earth, everything else follows. We pray that Andres will read the Book.

I invite you all to do the same. Read the title page of the Book of Mormon then apply what you read in the last two paragraphs. It will help you in every aspect of your life. I know it.

This week was our english...uhh...companionship splits? basically i had a different companion for a day. My companion went and stayed with our Zone leader who just left for the Mission offices due to problems with his back... It was pretty sad really. Anyway, I was with Elder Dahlberg for the day. Its really weird to be with someone who speaks English. We talked a lot, both in Spanish and English and i learned a ton. He only has one month more than i do in the mission but he seems like he`s been here forever. He is very relaxed but also super focused. not even sure how to explain him. He helped me see a lot about myself that i can change, that i can do better and learn to help the people here that much more.

I think i figured out that i say "in all reality" a lot. Not sure why. Something i picked up here.

Let me end with this, the mission is a chance to grow more than i can explain. It has helped me see the things that i can change in my life to be closer to the Savior and to live my life in a way that He wants me to. I am slowly becoming converted to the gospel i have learned about all of my life and it is a great experience. Its not anywhere close to being easy. In fact its by far the hardest thing I´ve ever done. I feel as though every moment is a test and that the Lord is waiting for me to come out from all these experiences a different, better person.

I know that serving a mission one of the decisions that will effect who you are for forever.

I love you tons,

Elder Ben Williams

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