Friday, February 15, 2013

Time Flies

Seriously time flies here, it's pretty insane. I can´t explain it but i feel like we use so much of our time helping others and boom, another week gone by.
Elder Dominguez talks about how weird it is that time moves so quickly here almost every night. Its pretty much crazy.

In all reality there were a ton of great experiences this week.
I will start at the top of the list.
We taught Andres the Restoration. I don´t no if i have told you anything about him. He´s a barber and used to be a hardcore alcoholic. Now he´s all good, but he used to be addicted hard core. It was one of the lessons i knew the Spirit was there. He started off by basically inviting himself to church. And from there it just got better. We invited him to be baptized and............ he said its a juge change which he needs to pray about. That is definitely a start. Unfourtunately, He didn´t come to church yesterday. but hey, he will come, I know it. We pray for him to know the truth of the gospel

Another fun fact about Mexico. I´ve been talking to a lot of people lately and they have all told me something they find weird about Americans....Güeros....
They think its weird that we leave the home to study in different states. The fact that we don´t live with our parents until we are married or have a house of our own is strange to them. They tell me that i need to stay at home and not leave the home until my mid twenties. they tell me its a bad thing a way from your family at so young an age and that its better to stay with the ma and pa, how about it? can i stay at home till I¨m thirty and still unmarried? just kidding =) Its one of the many cultural differences that i have discovered.

Question. Does anyone know why we build our houses with wood? that´s another thing that everyone asks me. They say its unstable and unsafe to build houses out of wood. In all reality i have no clue how to respond to a question like that. So if you could kindly explain to me why our houses are of wood i would (ha punny) be much obliged.

Weirdest experience of the week: Some guy basically contacted us.
We were walking to go visit some family that is almost never home the other day when some guy whistled at us as we were passing by. He and his buddy were drinking and smoking and usually i don´t turn to look when its late and we find people like that. in fact Elder Dominguez just kept walking. I guess I´m still a Gringo because i stopped and turned. He waved us over and the first thing he said was "Verdad que Dios está en todos lados?" He and his cousin (who is an Atheist) were obviously talking about such things just before we past by. It is truly incredible the way the Lord works. Yeah, Cristian (that´s his name) was put into our path and he decided to speak to us. he even said that he wants us to pass by Saturday night. We didn´t even have to say anything. He is ready. All we have to do is get him to live the Word of Wisdom. we pray for him to stop drinking, and smoking and to be prepared to receive our message. I´m sure he will be too.

Francisco is doing amazing. He found a job and he is going to be able to come to church every Sunday now. In all reality, his story is a miracle.

That´s really all from me this week. Just wanted to thank the people who sent me letters in the month of December and January. I just barely received all your notes and in they have helped me tremendously. I can´t imagine what its like to write someone who doesn´t write back so i am going to do all i can to write you all back this coming week. Thanks for everything.

I love you all more than you can imagine. I know everything is going fine even if crazy things are happening. Stay strong, Pray hard, read the scriptures every day and...just keep it up. Something i nearly forgot to mention is that i finished the book of Mormon this week. I prayed to if its true.

I have never been more sure of anything in my life. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God.

Read it. Pray about it. Live it.

Elder Ben Williams

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