Friday, February 8, 2013

In All Reality

So, this week? In all reality its been tough. I don`t know how to explain that better. Trying to find anyone to teach without knocking doors and contacting( i can`t remember if i told you that... we don`t knock doors or contact anymore in Mexico unless we feel prompted to do so) There are many places in the area that i am still not very familiar with. I feel like the blind leading the blind at times. But the Lord has always asked us to walk by faith.

Just wanted to talk about some of the experiences we had this week. Gerardo finally has a bautismal date! He is going to be baptized Sunday the 17 of this month =) He and his family are saving up so that they can all go together and in all reality its one of the things that has given me the desire to continue with the work. We also taught a family (The Family Caldera Ortiz. They live in Santa Maria.

I had a confirmation of the fact that the Lord answers prayers. Francisco is sober! He came to church yesterday in a tie and everything and I can`t explain how good that makes me feel. We pray that he can follow in his renewed conviction of the Gospel. In all reality, it`s a miracle that he is recovering from all the alcohol he has been drinking...the gospel offers peace and a fresh start.

There was another experience today that was, in all reality, a miracle. We were waiting for a bus to take us to where we had a lesson and i really didn`t know which would take us there. I was just thinking of a time when Elder Ortiz and I were late for a lesson and a member from another ward appeared out of nowhere and gave us a ride. In the moment i was thinking about that moment a car pulled over and asked us if we needed a ride...Coincidence? i think not! the lady is the daughter of a member of our ward and took us from where we were to our appointment... Blessings from the Lord.

We keep praying for the people of Santa Maria To find work and well, that we can have a branch in Villa Juarez which is way close to Santa Maria.
This week we will an activity as a district and we are praying it will turn out well and that we can find new people to teach from it.

So now i just want to give a quick background on my companion. Elder Dominguez is from a city in Vera Cruz. I`m not even going to attempt to spell the name of the city cause i can`t even say it... He has been a member all his life and has one brother one sister. He is a Soccer lover and its something he misses a ton. His parents have a sports store and own a few businesses that sell a type of pan called ojaldra or something like that. He says that veracruz is always really hot and that he lives near the beach. He left two girls waiting for him at home and has no idea what to do about it. The good thing is that really isn`t something he needs to worry about. He still has 23 months left in the mission =) And that is Elder Dominguez in a nutshell. You will surely hear more about him in The Very Near Future....(Not sure why that i in caps).

Now for my buddy Josher.
Loved the pictures of you Bud! You look big and grown up! Thank you so much for your prayers. They help me in everything that i do. I am glad to here that your class mate is all good and feels better. Keep on being the best ever example for everyone around you and know that I love you Tons!

Sadie Jade=)
Sadie you are wonderful. I`m glad to here that you have so many friends and that you are playing and growing and learning. Keep Smiling Babe! You are a shining example and I feel your prayers for me. Keep on reading the Book Of Mormon!

Sam Bam!
You are silly bro =) that picture made me laugh pretty hard=) i miss your humor. Weird bugs??...Yeah the only thing i can think of are the humongous ants! i have a picture that i will send you next week of a couple of them that were in our house. Other than that.... Nada.
A month without tv! that is an awesome goal and it will help you focus your time in what matters most. I Love you Bud =)

Hey Stephers =)
I`m glad to see/hear zone went well =) that is something i miss, student council. If i had the chance to go back in time i would have started in student council my freshman year. it helps a lot in every aspect of life. Make sure to keep me updated on Random Act of Kindness Week. Sounds like a blast! I miss a lot of stuff from home. I miss you tons. I Pray that everything is going way good =) Thanks for sending pics. I feel bad cause this week i didn`t take any pictures. I sorta forgot. I love seeing all y`all though. It makes me happy =) I pray all is well. Enjoy every moment of the last part of your senior year!

Mission Papers Done?!!
That`s what`s up! thanks for your words of encouragement and all your love. In all reality it helps a lot that you shared with me your experiences as a TA. Its tough to be a leader, to have people who depend on you and in all reality to hear your words of encouragement makes me happy that i have this opportunity. Someone told me once that they were grateful for their challenges because it helped them to grow. Its true! At times i fell like there is no way i can keep going and then all of the sudden something sparks my desire. Often times i feel like Its the prayers of all the family that keep me going. Thanks for being the best Big Sis ever.

Mom and Dad. Both of you said something that almost made me Cry.
"I Love You"
I`m pretty stressed out right now but when I read those words....I don`t know. It just made me calm. I am glad call you my Parents. Just want you to know that everything i do here is a reflection of your teaching. You`ve taught me so much and serving others and demonstrating to the World what Dave and Lorene Williams taught me is my way of showing my gratitude. No one else could have shaped my life as you two have. I love You both =)

no Pics today... but next week for sure!
Elder Ben Williams

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