Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another week in the best mission in the world =)

Lindsay is going to Japan!!!!!!!!!!woooohhhooooooooooooo!!!!!!

I´m happy for you linz. Its something i really can´t explain very well. Just....Joy=) something beautiful. It fills my soul.

I totally forgot what happened this week when I read the news about Lindsay's mission call. Its sorta coming back to me....and ya.


Thursday i taught English and realized that it is a lot harder than learning Spanish. With English we have a ton of rules & we pick and choose which we want to follow. If you aren´t born speaking English it is beyond ridiculously hard. With the Hermano that I am teaching we move really slowly. I forget English. But i still can´t explain everything in Spanish. Its an awkward limbo type of experience.

Friday we went to Santa Maria. The people are ready. They have a hunger to hear the gospel, but they really don't have much of anything else. They can´t afford to go to the Church, some of them can´t even read & often it gets tough to be among them wondering how we can help. At one time the members who are there had a Casa de Oración but the strife that exists between some of the families there ruined that. Pride!!! Pride destroyed the work of the Lord. And this pride exists even among the must humble people i have ever met. Have you ever read Alma 29? that´s sorta how i feel right now.

Anyway we taught a lesson there Friday to a man Named Juan Lopez. He is the father of a lot of the members that live in Santa Maria. One of the first thing he asked us is when he could be baptized. What?! that was one of those moments where i was taken aback We were super excited and we immediately taught him to pray and we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. It may be a little tougher to teach him then we at first thought. We need to slow down the rate at which we teach just a little and make sure he understands. With faith and a desire to change all things are possible. And tal vez, con sus oraciones, he will have help in his desire to know Christ. We pray for him to understand what we teach, and to feel it is true.

Saturday we went to the temple and it was incredible. Our ward had room in the bus and asked us if we wanted to go. When President gave us permission to go I almost shouted for joy =) We woke up at 2 in the morning and traveled 3 1/2 hours in a bus to the temple(be glad we have a temple so close.) We were surprised to find a ton of people already in the parking lot of the temple. IT was great. Wonderful. Beautiful. I came with questions and i found the answers.

I admire our Mission president and think maybe many are really under appreciated at times, but President De Valle has such a Spirit that you feel it whenever you are in his presence. We pray for him to be supported in His Calling.

I love you all and Pray all is well in Zion=)

Elder Ben Williams

Ps Shout out to Dad! 50 years of life and countless experiences =) I Love you pops!!!!!!!!!

Also Congrats Lorenzo and Caroline! prepare for the best 2 years( or year and a half) of your life!

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