Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gotcha...otra vez!

After three letters telling us of the fun and countless photos...I decided to withholding this would be leaving something out of the Ben's mission least the PDay part of it. Apparently Ben is becoming a huge fan of this Mission President approved activity....PAINTBALL!!!! It's called GOTCHA it is a favorite PDay happening... Here is the proof.

First time with Elder Ortiz within the first month of the mission.

Elder Ortiz sees the value of the face mask....(pun intended).

An Ear-full.....

The Second time....with Elder Dominquez

One Elder is just happy to be here, and the other Elder taking it a little more seriously this time....

Then yet another trip to Gotcha City....

Yeah we look awesome

"The one in the middle is the holy ghost" Elder Dominguez, translated by yours truly =)
we are Cholo

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