Friday, March 15, 2013

Be of Good Cheer

Definitely had to apply that phrase this week. We worked hard with little or no results during the first few days of this week. And then Elder Dominguez got sick Thursday night.

I just want to tell you all how grateful I am for my Leaders and for Personal Revelation. I feel like what my leaders ask me to do or help me to recognize here in Mexico leads me to personal revelation. I said that the beginning of this week was terrible. Because it really was. We had a lesson planned with and investigator and a lot of work to do in the Ward with the list of 50 members who are currently not attending our Sunday meetings. Everything started off fine. We were looking for people and preparing for our lesson when BOOM all of the sudden our investigator canceled on us. It was something we were banking on that day. But hey we always have back-up plans here in the mission. But it turns out our back-up plan wasn´t willing to let us in. so We improvised. We started working with the list of names in our ward that has people who no one knows. We walked everywhere. And found no one. Super depressing right? It would have been if i weren´t a missionary.

I started to become depressed the next day. Because the exact same thing happened. Our investigator´s canceled. Our back-up plans didn´t seem to be home(or they were avoiding us). Everything was falling a part. We walked everywhere looking for people on our list again.
I was really discouraged.

Why am I telling you all this? For two reasons. Missionary work is tough. And well, what happened next was wonderful.

Elder Romero, our district leader, called us Wednesday night--the second day in a row that everything fell a part. I told him that today was a crummy day. HE suggested i read three things: D&C 123:11-17, Jacob 5:74, And The Importance of the Messenger By M. Russell Ballard. And it was like he flipped a switch. I realized from these scriptures that i need to change my attitude. It was that we were having a bad day. There is no such thing. Every day is what we believe it to be. So I´ve decided that every day is the best day ever, that we will find people and that we will be guided by the Lord. It doesn´t matter what other people do. What matters is my reaction to what happens, my thoughts and my desires. If I want to Find people, We will find people.

And even with Elder Dominguez Sick, I saw that what I´ve learned is true.

Elder Dominguez was feeling terrible on friday and so we came back to the house and he went to bed. I was looking for something to do and guess what? we have a new neighbor. She and her family were moving in that very day and didn´t really have much help. So I was there in exactly the right moment in exactly the right place to provide service. How crazy! I feel very strongly that we need to teach this family and I feel the gift of service that We gave will help us in that desire.

So yeah. That´s what happens when you change your attitude and do what the Lord asks despite the challenges and countless excuses we could give.

I love you all so much. 6 months in the mission and I learn something every day, every second. A lot of the time I learn things that will help me here and now and when I am with you guys once again. Keep up the good work. Show your love for others and continue being the best you can be=) I love you!

Elder Ben Williams

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  1. Hi Elder Ben,
    It's your first acquaintance to Planet Earth!...yes, good old Sister Cory.
    I was reading your post and wanted you to know how much I appreciated your wisdom. I have thought recently how it is not until after the fact sometimes that we realize that all our experiences are for our good. Sometimes we lose a little faith because it seems hard or we are over sensitive to others actions. We miss out sometimes when we stay low too long. I heard a great quote this week...."The Teacher is always silent during the test." The Lord allows us to feel the opposition just long enough for us to realize that he is just watching us and hoping we will pass the test. Hope you have success with your neighbors.
    Sure love ya,
    Sister C