Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Tough to Know Where to Start

It was a great week. We found like 8 people to teach(which is a miracle cause i feel like we haven´t taught a lesson in eternity) we had companionship changes... i don´t know what it is in English. Basically i was With Elder Dahlberg instead of Elder Dominguez for a full day. we have a family that we are teaching and they are most likely going to get baptized. We got to talk to Elder Ortiz, Nuestro presidente de area.

Elder Dahlberg aka Loco,is the blonde to the right. My companion, Elder Dominguez is on the far right.

I guess I will start with the Divisiones. Elder Dahlberg and I were in his area all day. I learned a lot that day. I learned that the majority of the companionships here in Aguas have the same difficulties we do, one of them being actually finding people who will listen to us. It was kinda nice not to have the responsibility of knowing where to go and who we could visit but at the same time i felt bad for Elder Dahlberg. He is kinda new to the area and still doesn´t know the streets too well. He seemed to be stressed and i was wondering if I appear the same way in our area. Any way we had a cool experience that day. We were walking all day looking for people to teach and we passed by the home of an investigator of Elder Dahlberg and Elder Romero. They weren´t home. Suprise!!!! we went and taught some less active members and then Elder Dahlberg said" Vamos a regresar y ver si Angelica ya regres├│" so we went back to the house of Angelica, his investigator and guess who was waiting for us?! Angelica and her Friend. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was Really a spiritual experience.

Anyway moving on to the stuff that has something to do with our area(Americas). Elder Dominguez and I had a pretty weird experience the other day. We asked a lady if a certain bus passed for our house and she said yes and then asked us if we were elders. And of course everything started. This woman was an investigator 6 years ago. She said she has no desire to change her religion but she opened up to us because we offered to help her with her chores. And so we now have another 3 people to teach.

The cool part about that experience is it led us to another. She( the bus lady) introduced us to her friend, a guy who sells hamburgers. He lived in San Diego 13 years and speaks perfect English. Naturally i was all about that. We talked for a long time and he told us that the reason he came back to mexico was to be closer to his family. That is way cool. Especially because he made in an hour (in the states) what he makes here(in mexico) in a day. That is ridiculous. We pray for him and his family.

We Finally have a family to teach! not sure if i talked about the super weird reference from a missionary who served here 18 years ago... Anyway we found one of his old investigators and her family and they are the best! Its a family of four, a single mother and her three kids.

Elder Ortiz came. Not my former companion but the Area President here. He talked to us collectively about being a better mission. His wife spoke and said we have to try to be perfect in some aspect of our lives every day. In chapter 6 of The teaching of Lorenzo Snow it has a whole bunch of info about that. Its really pretty weird. Its a commandment to be perfect (Mat. 5:48) but none of us will be completely perfect in this life. Crazy. Anyway that was the week.....

Pray for Elder Dominguez and I to Become more perfect every day. I love you all a ton and can´t wait to read what is happening in your lives. I hope all is well in Zion and that you can see the hand of the Lord in your every day life. I know i can.

I love you!

Elder Ben Williams

P.S Shout out to the person who says i look fat in my pictures. thanks =) I did gain 15 pounds so far. I´ve got a little bit of a belly. But with 30 minutes of exercise and a ton of super delicious food it was sort of inevitable.

Shout to Rachel Lynes, congrats on your mission call to New York!! I´m way excited for you to have the opportunity to serve the Lord. There is nothing in the world that is better. You will love it i´m sure =)

Shout out to Brycen, congrats on your first time to the temple. Love ya bro! =)

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