Monday, June 3, 2013

I think the days are getting shorter.

.....Or we are just doing a lot more than i have ever done in my life as a missionary every day. Really i feel like there are so many things to keep track i´m getting a little lost. My head is in the ...i was gonna say clouds...but that isn´t right. Its in the greatest work i could ever be doing, the most challenging and wonderful task in my life and i love every minute.

Even when said minutes aren´t so great. We had a couple investigators bail on us this week. One tried to return the Book of Mormon we gave her. She said she hasn´t read, hasn´t prayed to know if what we are saying is true. She told us she felt something after we gave her a blessing. She said she hasn´t been sick since the moment of said blessing. but she attributed her improved health to (to quote her "magic, or coincidence, or eating right". that was a bit frustrating!

Anyway, on a better note we found 2 people this week who are truly chosen. Sol and Juana have been prepared by God. At times its tough to get people to complete with every promise that they make to learn and improve. Hopefully prayers will help them. We pray that Sol will be able to have a desire to change and that Juana will feel the difference of the True Gospel of the Savior in her life.

I had Three baptismal interviews in one day, in two districts, that was a mouthful, on Saturday. Before i tell you about how they went let me just say this. GOD ANSWERS PRAYS. He healed me right before i interviewed His children so that they can enter into His fold. Let me just explain. I had quite possible the worst bus ride of my life Saturday. I have no clue what i ate but it obviously didn´t agree with my stomach. I feel blessed that we traveled long distance. There was a toliet on the bus and that´s where i lost my dinner and breakfast. my stomach was killing me. i was....bad..... On the second bus we had to take to get to san Luis, I was still hurting. I prayed that the Lord would take away my pain so that i could do what He needed me to do. I still felt horrible,the whole bus ride. and then we got to san luis and it was gone. A miracle really.

I love you my family. Even if you are far away, i feel your support, your love. You are the greatest family ever.

Elder Ben Williams

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