Monday, June 10, 2013

Travel Week

The title is that way because that´s like all we did this week.

WE went to Leon for concilio de Lideres. We went to Dolores Hidalgo for La junta de Distrito. We went to celaya 3 times for special conferences with presidente and stake conference and all....

I feel like i spent more time in the bus than in San MIguel.

Aun asi We had a lot of success here. We taught Erendira who has her date for baptism set for the 15th. We found Vicky and Janet. WE taught Juana and Sol and almost got them to come to church with us. The hard part about living far from the city is when we have stake conference, our investigator´s sorta get left behind.....

Lets explian things shall we? Erendira is doing great. all she needs now is an interview and she is good to go. She surprised us at what she knows. She found out about the mormon channel in youtube and and and is way excited with everything. I hope and pray that everything will turn out right.

Janet is the friend of a member here. She is catholic but wants to learn a litttle more about our religion(bercause of her friend). Her major doubt is about salvation, like what she has to do to be saved. It sorta opened a door if you know what i mean.

Vicky is also a friend of a member. Really we just have to find her house and we are set. She is super receptive and wants to learn about the gospel.She loves her family and i´ve got the feeling that she will be converted. We pray we can find her house. We spent an hour and a half looking for it the other day. Its hidden somewhere.....

We are finally going to have another set of missionaries aqui but we have to find a house for them and the rent has to be less than 2300 pesos which sounds like a lot. its not. especially in a place that is a tourist attraction for we need you to pray for us to find a house.

I love you all and here's a picture....remind you of anything?

Elder Ben Williams

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