Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Changes!

Otra vez (changes again)..... at least time i`m not moving very far =) ok so i am officially part of the Qeretaro Mission. The mission split, the Leon mission has dissolved and become the Aguascalientes and Qeretaro missions.

I`m sure its going to be great here with our new president, Presidente Mejorada. I feel like i was meant to be in this mission. It isn`t something i can explain too well. Its just i feeling i`ve got. Its going to be great here with my new companion =) Elder Comboy is from Veracruz like Elder Dominguez. He is the oldest in his familia. He says he is 21 and i still don`t believe him even though he showed my his driver`s license and everything. He looks so young!. and it doesn`t help that this week people have been telling me i look like i`m 22 to 24 years old. Any way, we are still here in San Miguel. We will just be in the new house that we found the other day. Elder Olivares and Elder Medina will be in the old house in the other Ward. Cool right. Finally we can focus in on one group of people at a time! i`m excited =)

We said goodbye to Presidente Del Valle this week. That man is constantly guided by the Spirit. I will miss him and all but I know that it is for a good cause. He has told me so much that has helped me. Not just in the mission but many counsels that i will be able to apply after my life here ends and a new one at home begins.

Did you get to see the broadcast for the new mission presidents and ward councils? it was great! I learned a ton and more than anything i learned that missionaries and wards have to work together in the work of salvation. The Lord has told us repeatedly that the most important work we can do here is MISSIONARY WORK. That applies to each and every member of this church. In the church website you can look up hastening the Lord`s work(or something like was in spanish and i don`t translate too well.) a ver.... it will give you ideas in what you can do to take part in the most important thing you will ever do. i invite each and everyone of you to think of a friend, family member neighbor whomever and invite them to an activity,. to church, to listen to the missionaries. and don`t wait. I expect to hear from you all this coming week. I expect to hear about what you did to share the gospel. Pray for the courage to do so. Don`t worry about what people might think. really the worst thing they will do is Say no. How bad can that be?

We have an investigator named Mauro. The lesson we had with him was especially spiritual. I know he is chosen to receive this message. We pray for his family to accept what he believes.

I love you all and hope you understand why i always keep things short. I am sure that sometimes you might think that i am really.... i don`t know....impersonal in my letters. I just want to let YOU know my beloved family and friends that what i say is meant specifically for YOU. I love you personally. What i say here is meant for you even when it seems unspecific. I hope you can feel that. YOU are the greatest people in this world. I love you all because you have shaped me into the person that i am. I can`t thank you enough.


Elder Ben Williams

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