Monday, December 16, 2013

Barrio El Sol...the greatest place on earth.

if you aren`t here.....i am sorry....cause its like the best ever =)
seriously, what everyone told me about this ward is almost true... it has a lot of potential. the ward is huge. the capilla is beautiful. . In the most "dangerous" part of queretaro i felt like i was walking in a park. can you say paradise?
anyway.... i think i will start with my companion, what i love here and what elder Johnson told us =)
Elder Cuevas is CHILENO!!!!!!! he is the only elder from Chile and seriously i think he is the best elder i have ever had the honor of being the companion of.... he is really funny speaks english better than i do, plays volleyball sings and is basically the best. He has 10 months in the mission( i have one month more than what he has left...hope that has meaning) We have had a fun time together and i`m excited to get to know him even better..... More random stuff about my companion. he is the youngest of 3 and has two older sisters. he falls asleep faster than anyone i know and is addicted to tops(the spinning kind...)
Mom asked me for something i love to see every day..... that is seriously a tough one..... i miss the cholos! it was fun to here them yell things at me in english(not really but i do miss them) i love seeing tacos. that sounds funny but in the whole physical aspect its just fun..... they always have tacos de a pastor(look it up cause i don`t have pics of that yet... pero soon don`t worry....)
but there is something better. i love seeing the faces of the people we teach change as we teach them. I can`t explain it, or at least i can`t do it well but lets just say its like lehi when he was describing the fruit of the tree of life.... they sorta glow. best. thing ever.
ok what else.... Elder johnson talked to us and the conejos del barrio about refererrals(wow....that just look s wrong...) he said that is impossible for us to enter into a home of whatever person without having done 2 things before leaving. 1 teach something by the Spirit. 2. gotten the name and direction of someone new to teach.... he said that members don`t need to prepare their friends so that they can receive the Restored Gospel. We(missionaries) just need to know them. We need to be in contact with them and start teaching asap. he taught that missionaries are only in a ward to help the ward with missionary work. We(members) should do eveything possible to fill the planners of the missionaries with names and dates to be able to teach people. in a word it was splendid =) I feel like every time i talk to someone that there is a connection that we make that i try to use to help not only that person but many, many others in the same instance. I feel like the Hastening is rolling on and that we have a great responsibility to keep it going =)
so what else ....
um. i think i will talk about the people we are teaching sale?(that is not sale in english. its like ok in spanish, sale?)
she is a barber(does that even apply to women?)
she contacted my companion a week or two ago. she says that we have things in our gospel that whe had never heard before. she had questions that literally go right along with the restoration.

she still hasn`t gotten an answer about the truthfulness of the gospel but we are helping her recognize how God answers prayers....

he is the grandson of a member. he is 16 and was about to be baptized but his parents said no.

is a dentist. her dad just died and she has known church members 5 years. we haven`t been able to teach her because she is so busy with her work =)

that`s all folks gotta go! I love you and you know It =)

Elder Ben Williams

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