Monday, December 23, 2013

The Greatest Gift Ever

It was a difficult week really. but that doesn´t bug me. i´m pretty sure that hard weeks are a test. in fact i´ve got a goal to read El Libro de Mormon en tres meses. today and nefi told me that the Lord lets tough stuff happen to us to let us show how faithful we will. be so i just sorta said "get thee hence satan(or as elder hyde says´kick satan in the face) " and get to work. so that´s what is happening.... so um letters are in process....i feel super bad cause i have not dedicated time to those things. so I think i will just sorta repent and then get them to you all one day.... soonish. like next year(haha)

anyway um yeah. i got a bad case of the "its Monday, what do i write”s. that is a missionary disease. it comes and goes.

i think i´ll just talk a little about some people.....
1. M she has told us the past 2 weeks she was going to go to church. she also said she would go to the ward activity... and she just
doesn´t. no bigs. but it is annoying when people commit to do something and then don´t. I just hope she will understand what she is missin out on.

2. R. is not from our area. osea, she doesn´t live in our area. but she is always here in the area cutting hair(her job). its tough to teach someone who has customer´s and all.

3. I. and C. C. is a less active member.his wife is not a member. they are open to listen to us and they went to church on Sunday...yesterday.... they have potential.... just pray that we can keep the Spirit in the lessons

ok so that last phrase sorta reminded me of some stuff. Please pray for myself and Elder Cuevas so that we can teach by the spirit. I feel like there are moments that we start relying on our own words and forget that we cannot teach unless its by Him. its touch sometimes but it is so worth it. I think that´s what´s happening to me. I´m trying to apply so much at the same time and forgetting the Spirit. grave mistake on my part. wow. that was nice to recognize. thanks for listening to me everyone =)

Did i tell you that i don´t feel like Christmas is on Wednesday? i feel weird. i know what time of the year it is but its like i don´t want to accept it.... no biggie though.

can i ask something special from you all? will you pray for me to become the missionary i should be? will you pray that i can change whatever necessary in me so that i can truly become converted? that would be the greatest Christmas gift ever.

God lives. He is Eternal and Perfect. He loves you and I more than we can understand. We are nothing in comparison to Him but that doesn´t mean that we aren´t everything to Him. He sent the Savior to the earth because of that great love. And that is the greatest gift ever. I can´t think of anything that is worth more, there is nothing that compares to what Christ did for us. No one should think of Christmas without remembering what He did. I love my Redeemer. He has given me the perfect example to follow, and even though i constantly fall short i know that through Him i am being perfected. That is the greatest gift ever. the best part is that it never ends. I know that He lives. Don´t forget the reason we even celebrate Christmas.

I give you all my love (all that i own) to each and every one of you. Merry Christmas=)

Elder Ben Williams

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