Monday, December 9, 2013


Um.... so i`m in Queretaro. Barrio El Sol. Elder Cuevas my companion. We are Zone Leaders. And i`m still in shock. Anyone else confused? cause i am and if you wouldn`t mind i would love for someone, ANYONE to explain.... but i`m not complaining. Queretaro is beautiful. Elder Cuevas is great. our area is awesome... it just hasn`t sunk in yet.......... ummmmmm. yeah.
so anyway this week was the fastest ever in my life. i think i blinked and it was over. kinda crazy..... but i guess you could say its normal too. the longer i`m here, the more i feel like this is my life and i`ve never done anything else. Fun right=) um also time is going faster. but yeah..... where was I? the week.... right. um ok so we prepared Jenni for her baptism saturday and it was awesome. and that`s all i remember....
Oh, also Elder Hyde is going home.
Some Guy spoke to us and told us in perfect English that he was a member of the church and that his mom would love to talk to us. (another reason we don`t knock doors.)
I learned that I am really aggressive in Spanish. that was a pleasant surprise(not really pleasant)
I have a Stocking.
I am rich(in blessings $ is no problem when the Lord looks out for you=) )
and yeah....that`s about all i have to say.... so um pray that i will snap out of it and be able to El Sol into the best Zone in the World. oh and also that we as a mission will be prepared for the coming of Elder Johnson on wednesday. He`s a Seventy =) I`m way excited to hear him speak. its gonna be fun!!!!!!
I love you all!!! I know you are all doing just dandy, so keep apresurando la obra!
Elder Ben Williams

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