Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz Dia De Reyes!

Weren`t expecting that were ya? =) Let me explain. the (Mexican) catholic tradition is that the three oriental kings got to the Christ child the 6th of January. so its a day of celebration. and Santa doesn`t come to some houses here, but los Reyes get to the kids who Santa doesn`t. So basically its an excuse to give more gifts! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I`m not gonna say happy 2014. every day is another day to form our eternity. the new year doesn`t change anything. we are the ones that have to change. and change is a daily thing. if not, its not fun. President told us that we need to wake up in the morning and say "today determines my eternity. What am i going to choose to do?" Boom! So I`m sorta just stealing that and applying it to me, making it mine(which is a key. If the doctrines of the church aren`t OURS first, How on earth can we expect to share with others.) President always says that you can`t share what isn`t yours. So make IT yours. whatever it is.

For me IT is the Salvation of Souls; the message of the Gospel of the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

Anyway, this week was betterish. R. has some things to work out in her personal life in regards to marriage...however, she is doing great and every time we are with her i feel like she is progressing well. Just keep her in your prayers.

I broke one of I.'s cups. That was bad. she was really mad at her husband for some reason and didn`t actually come out to talk to us. We were awkwardly talking to her husband until we figured out it was a bad moment (it only took us like an hour or so... we are way smart right?) There seems to be some relationship challenges and that`s where the gospel comes in.

Yeah that`s the fun stuff that`s happening right now. M. ( an investigator that we haven`t seen in forever) told us that she wants time to figure things out before continuing in the lessons of the Gospel. She was really nice about it and all....which just makes it worst. I would rather have people yell at me and kick me out of their houses than have them tell me nicely that they feel like it "isn`t their time". Its like being stabbed but in slow hurts. but that is ok. everyone has free agency. I love that about God`s plan. He leaves it to us to decide what we want, even when he knows what is best and constantly tells us what He wants. at the end of the day the choice is ours =)

I love you my Friends and Family and wish the best for you all. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ben Williams

Ps i love you more than Messi loves soccer=)

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