Monday, January 20, 2014

Photog; A day in the life of Elder Williams

First things first....
Elder Cuevas is leaving me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! i don`t want him to go cause 1) he`s awesome 2) imma miss him 3) he is chileno!!!!!!
My new companion will be elder Villasboa de Argentina. fun right... still haven`t even met him yet....they changed the way changes(aka transfers work) and now they are on Tuesday. so pictures and info about the new elder next week. anyway that`s fun. oh and did i tell you that there were 6 missionaries in my ward (up until now...) And like 200 members. awesome. doesn`t even touch the 9 missionaries that are in Lindsay’s ward of 60 but whatevs... elder Perkes and Elder Percino are also leaving. they are going to close one of the areas of El Sol which means my new companion and i will be making new area changes soon.... that will be way interesting and kinda tough but doable and exciting really.

Fast before i get into other stuffs.

I. i am pretty sure they moved.

M & M. did i tell you about them before? just know that they are awesome but can`t come to church because monse`s kid gets gravely ill way easy when its cold out and since chuch is at 8 am its tough. bleh.... we just pray that something will work out.

R. working out concerns and progressing.

and now for the most normal day ever in pictures....


Love Elder Williams

P.S. Love ya`ll more than Steve jobs loves technology

My Neighborhood

He wants to eat me...

don't climb in there #mexicansecurity

Street Art


Taste of Colombia for lunch

They feed the whole district....THANK YOU!

Doctors orders...ewww.

Forging a river

Dog on roof...still there

Sometimes plans fall through and you take a takis break and regroup.

This is Lupita and she gives us free guajolotes every night.

Guajolotes are turkey sandwiches. Yum!

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