Monday, January 13, 2014


so um... i did something i haven`t done in a long time....I read every single one of the emails i got before starting this one so um...its gonna be short... but next week imma make up for it with a ton of pictures just like you asked mum=) anyway... quick rundown...
R. didn`t come to church this week.
I. Is currently lost, we can`t find her she is not at her house...
B. speaks only English. Doesn`t want anything else. luckily elder Cuevas and i HAVE THE GIFT OF TOUNGES (oops caps lock) so its not that bad.... he is awesome(elder Cuevas...and beto too)
C. went to church and told us she just wants patience. we are going to have to take it slower than normal with her but at least she goes to church.
M. & M. New this week WOOOHOOO!

cool um we sorta have to go and well.. um... sorry this is a terrible email.

funny story: I hit my head on the ceiling in the house. got bored and decided to jump. Mexican ceilings are really low. and i jump way high (even as overweight as i am) i may have a concussion(just kidding ma don`t freak out)
Yep that is all.
I love you all
Elder Ben Williams

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