Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another week

"This is one of the coolest streets ever!"

Ok so what do i say about this

I guess i will start with Monica and her family. Her kids still haven´t received their answer about baptism. I don´t know what exactly we can do to help them. We give them sections of scripture to read and invite them to pray about it sincerely. I don´t think they take what we say and actually do it. Its kinda sad. We try our best to help these people and they don´t want what we have. Monica was confirmed yesterday. She is excited to start doing her family history work.

Felipe was doing really well until had nightmares and couldn´t sleep. He told us that he needed time to reflect on his dreams and didn´t want to see us until tomorrow.

We had divisiones this week. First time as district leader, woohoo! i was with Elder Amaro in viñas todo el dia. It was tough. Viñas is an area that has little or no support from their ward. It helped me appreciate the support we have.

Soon i will be calling you all via skype =) I can´t wait! i love hearing from you all in your emails and such but seeing you and hearing your voice is way better.

Sadie, I was just thinking about you. We had a little girl get baptized in our ward the other day and it made me think about you. I know that your baptism will be the start of something incredible and that you will remember it your whole life. its a beautiful feeling, something that is tough to describe until you´ve been baptized. keep on reading the book of Mormon and be an example forever! I love you tons =)

Hey just for fun, look up La feria de San Marcos. It takes place in part of our area and we are not allowed to go there...its like the strip in vegas in a way.

I hope all is well in Zion....or Vegas.....whatever...and I can´t wait to hear from you all again.
With all my love,
Elder Ben Williams.

ps Elder D. Todd Cristofferson is coming to Aguascalientes soon! =) sweet huh?

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