Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another week it what i´m pretty sure is paradise =)

So i feel much better. It was weird this week.

Contrary to to the looks in this photo....I didn´t ever get hungry. But now i feel 100% and ready for whatever comes next.

Sorta a weird week. We haven´t seen Felipe at all. He sorta disappeared and stopped talking to us. It's a little sad but it happens more often then i would like. I think I´ve told you before that his family is against his decision to be baptized and he wants to avoid problems. It's sad to know that the family, one of the few potentially eternal groups in life, is stopping him from taking the first step into Vida Eterna. I just want to explain something real fast that i realized is different here in Mexico or at least here in Aguascalientes =) Many people, really it seems like EVERYONE IS CATHOLIC! (or has been....) Its kinda weird. It's sometimes feels as though to many it is more of like a tradition than a religion. Not that i´m bashing on anyone, their beliefs or anything. In fact i see a lot of good in the catholic church and I respect the people who follow the teachings of said religion. Its just hard sometimes because i know next to nothing about Catholicism and i feel strange sometimes.... lost even...

Enough ranting!

We have been trying hard to find new people to teach this week. And it's tough. I have to ask you all to do something for me: prepare your friends to receive the Gospel. Talk to them in the most normal way possible and then invite them to listen to the missionaries. It's not that tough and it makes our work as servants of the Lord that much easier. You have no idea how thankful we are for the members who help us in our work by PREPARING their friends for the message of the restored gospel and then having the courage to share it.

We have received a lot of guidance from the Lord recently and Poco a poco estamos encontrando nuevos (little by little we are finding new people to teach). it's a miracle. But we need more. Something Presidente Del Valle said is always in my mind " esta bien (it is good)(57 baptisms in one month) pero el señor nos pida mas"(but the Lord asks more of us) and its true. Pray for us to continue to find new people to teach. We need all the help we can get.

Las Familias de (The Families) Santa Maria....need prayers. Soon, the bishop is going to speak to all the members in that little Pueblo to see if they want the ward to pay for combis so that they can go to church. It all depends on it they can get rid of their pride. And really I´m worried about them. Pray for them to soften their hearts.

Daniel was baptized! Emma and Anna were not.... But i cannot explain the joy i felt during Daniel´s baptism. One by one the Martinez family is entering into the fold of God. Its the best feeling ever to be a part of this work. I love i each day a little more. i pray that Emma and Anna will be next. They need to trust more in the Lord and have the assurance that the Book of Mormon is true.

On the mission I am learning that if we really need a miracle and if we ask for one, it will come. Prayers =)

I love you all and pray that all is well. To the fam, See ya soon!

Elder Ben Williams

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