Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time moves fast.

I seriously felt like i was just in General Conference in the MTC like a week ago. Not really sure what exactly is happening to time here.

Anyway I´ve got a lot to say and only a short time to write. First off just want to let you all know that I know Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God. I quite literally felt he was talking directly to me in one of his talks. He always speaks by the Spirit and if we listen by the Spirit, Revelation just sort of flows. I´ve got a lot of new goals that i decided to set after conference. I feel like the Lord is guiding me to become converted every day of my life and with my process of conversion I am trying my best to help others understand the full importance of what we know to be true. I love being able to receive revelation like we always do in conference. And we have the ability to receive this same powerful guidance daily. I´m working on receiving the daily revelation i need to keep on moving forward in the work of the Lord and I´m doing it by reading the Book of Mormon.

We had a cool meeting as a Zone this week. Elder Rummler helped me to realize something i probably should have seen years ago. Here it is: the Heroes of the Book of Mormon(Ammon, Abinadi, Nephi, Moroni, Abish etc.) WERE NORMAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
We can become like them if we wish. I don´t know why i thought that what these men and women from the Book of Mormon were superheros. They had their challenges. They were Spit upon and rejected and suffered in enumerable ways. One thing that they had that maybe I lack is Unbreakable Faith in the Lord. So I am looking for ways to create and achieve that kind of faith. Who was it that said in this past conference that we need to take what faith we have and build on it? I don´t remember. It was tough listening in Spanish sometimes. But Its one thing that i learned form the Men chosen of God to Guide us this weekend. Cool right?

This week went by fast. Monica and her family are ready for baptism=) They came to conference and felt the Spirit strongly. I think they all feel prepared to make the first covenant with the Lord which is Baptism =) I am so proud of them and feel a love for them that is unlike any other.

Felipe couldn't come to conference. I feel it is partly our fault. We didn´t pass by for him. He hasn´t answered our phone calls. but he is progressing quickly. He is seriously one of the most Christ-like men i have ever met. I Feel like he has been preparing for our words since the beginning of his life. He is a wonderful man and I pray that he wasn´t offended by what happened this week with us not coming to get him and all and that he is alright.

What was your experience with General Conference like? Incredible. Spiritually liberating, full of good words and council and revelation Are you excited for this week? This week is going to be incredible. I can already feel it =)

Did you watch it in Spanish?Sunday we watched all the sessions in Spanish. Saturday we watched them in English(at least...those of us who speak English did....) Did you have investigators in any of the sessions? Si. Monica and her familia =)

I Love you all tons and can´t wait to read your letters!

Elder Ben Williams

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