Friday, October 12, 2012

Conference @ the MTC

  So much  happened this week, I'm really not sure where to start... Conference basically blew my mind. So much spiritual gold. I hope you found at least one thing that you were looking for. I know I did. I felt at times the Speaker was speaking directly to me, but it wasn't what they said that got me most. its what I personally felt. Wow. I thought Sunday couldn't possibly get better. Then Chad Lewis spoke to us that night. CHAD LEWIS!!!! members of the lakes stake will remember when he spoke at our youth conference a while ago. What and incredible experience. He is so humble and was really good at connecting with us 19 year old boys. 
 But his visit was completely and utterly trumped by the speaker Tuesday night(ps don't know if i told you this but we have devotional every tuesday night and a member of the 70 or some other person will speak to us. its always really great) Guess who our speaker was. Elder David A. Bednar. I wish you could have been there to feel the Spirit as he walked in with his wife and everyone silently stood out of respect. He brought with him a greater Spirit of peace than i've felt in that building ever before, and that is saying something because as i've said before, the Spirit here is always strong. He reviewed conference with us and gave us a way to make it more meaningful in three steps. Doctrine. Invitation. Blessings. As you reread the Talks of this Monumental Conference, Listen to the Spirit and try to Pick out these three things and apply what you feel to your own life. I was blown away by him. 
 After tuesday devotional we always have a testimony meeting as a district. The Spirit from that incredible Meeting carried into that solemn assembly. I love the feeling of brotherhood here. 
 Speaking of brothers, Two of the members of our district left for the Colombian MTC Wednesday. It came as a surprise to all of us and especially to Elders Madsen and Anderson. They were technically supposed to leave two week ago but that had some problem with visas which has apparently been cleared up completely. I am so excited for them. Keep them in your prayers.Many of the members of my district have been flying places for a day to Get their visas. Yesterday Elders Farrow and Balli Went to Boise to get there's and Guess who is Going to VEGAS!!!!! if you guessed are probably wrong. Elder Souza and Elder Farrell are going to Vegas this coming week to get there Visas. I am the only one in the District that has yet to receive a travel plan to get a Visa. But it will come... I hope... 
I feel that some people think that being in the MTC is hard and truthfully some days are. but overall, this is the best time of my life. if any of you 18 your old men(or soon to be 19 year old women) are apprehensive about serving here is my advice: PRAY! Pray sincerely to know if this (the mission and specifically serving now rather than later) is the right thing to do. I know that if you listen to the voice of His Holy Spirit you will receive an answer. 
I love you all and pray for you. Good luck with everything! 
Elder Ben Williams

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